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April 2011 and counting...
A  letter from England...a close friend since 1974...
Dear friends

As many of you now know, our mum died in hospital early on Friday 
morning. At the start of the week everything seemed so positive - she 
had been lively and she said she she wanted to get fit and eat again. 
We talked about her going home. But on Thursday, her breathing changed 
and everything seemed to be suddenly different. We gathered round and 
read mum all the wonderful cards, letters, emails, poems and messages 
that you sent her. We sang, ate, told Jewish jokes and remembered 
stories about great times we'd had with mum. We all cried. At one 
point when we hit a low, mum lifted up her head and said 'bit gloomy' 
and made us laugh. All the kids came to visit with Steve, Karen and 
our dad.

Andrew and I and mum's friends Chris and Doris stayed with her 
overnight taking it in turns to sleep, hold her hands and stroke her 
head. At around 5 when it was starting to get light, Chris woke us. 
Her breathing had changed and became slower and more laboured. We were 
with her when it finally stopped. Everything was quiet, the sky was 
cobalt blue, the birds were singing and we just sat with her. We sat 
with her for a couple more hours before the commotion of the day began.

Later Doris, Judi, a wonderful nurse called Hazel and I washed and 
dressed mum. She looked beautiful.

We plan to hold a funeral and celebration of Linda the week beginning 
18th of April and will let you know more when we have arranged it.

with love,

Cleo and Andrew

For those who occasionally look in on this page, no doubt have seen my posts have got stretched out further and further, as well as containing very little information.

The reason I have kept up this page was that I would have some kind of record, that I could go back to and see what may have or have not happened on any particular day...nothing at all was ever meant to develop a following, one way or the other.

The thing I have realized for some time, is that I have seldom, if ever actually wrote anything of my personal opinion or reflections in a more frank or candid way, because simply put, I do not wish for just anybody to know what goes on in the heartt of my darkness. That is my business, and no one else.

However...this is not how I wrote in the many worn and tattered paper book journals I have kept since I was 18 years old, and I am beginning to feel the absence of an old friend that has been my confident through thick and thin---an inanimate piece of organized pulp that would accept my mutterings no matter what, and it was the secret between us, never to be read or heard by anyone, until someday when I am long dead, and perhaps some misguided relative or history nut decided to wade through shelves of gibberish I left behind.

So starting in March, my blog page will be posted only randomly, if at all.

In other words, don't waste your time checking in on this page for the "MOLD", as little will change unless I discover I have a need to come back here on a daily basis. More than likely, all that will be forthcoming will be photos I wish to some how preserve outside of my fragile and corrupted old computers.

By the way, it is much to do with all of the nonsense that is posted on FACEBOOK that has made me think, this is not how I want posterity to review a reflection of me.

Thanks for checking in when you did.