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Wed. 31

Hmmm, tomorrow is Ruth's birthday and it may be that Fred Baue will arrive.

Wow, what an epic day!

As for our old band getting together, it also appears that it will be just Fred and me...as it was in the beginning.

Jim has reason to not be present and the reason being I don't really have a clue, except for a long old heartbreak hotel kind of story, and it is almost a book, so I don't think I'll go into it here...

Tuesday 30
And here again after a year and half the old group is trying to meet again...

Sunday Aug 28
Some funny /amazing stuff from Facebook pals...

Friday Aug 26
I haven't been to the dentist for well over ten years, so after losing a couple of teeth (they simply fell out of my mouth) I thought I should do something before they all fall out,

So yesterday I went to the dentist to discover that there is some hope and a few teeth will be saved and it is only going to cost me $6000 over the next five years...hmmm, I think that is why I have not been to the dentist in these years.

On retrospect I certainly think I should have chosen a dental career instead of the arts.

In a way, it is ironic, because I joined the US Army in February 1967 believing I was going to be trained as a dental hygienist, only to discover the Army recruiter was a lying pig and he actually enlisted me as a combat medic,  hence my ultimate decision to "resign" from the Army on the eve of me being sent to good old Vietnam at the height of the Tet offensive of February 1968...

Just think? If I had actually been trained as a dental hygeinist?

Tuesday Aug 23
Having just got back from a little weekend vacation in Santa Rosa with our friends Barbara and Marty...
But the oddest and most bazaar part of it was visiting a tiny little spot of water called the Blue Hole...

Story by David Prichard

Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, has been visited by mammoths, native Indians, Spanish conquistadors and even famous outlaws. This deep well of clear, artesian water now hosts thousands of wet-suit-clad divers each year.

Also known as "Nature's Jewel," it's a favorite site for dive training because of its consistent year-round water temperature and good visibility. Besides drawing divers from all across New Mexico, the spring attracts migrations of divers from Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Before the Divers Arrived

On the northern edge of the Chihuahua Desert about 114 miles east of Albuquerque at a junction of Interstate 40 and old Route 66, the Blue Hole is in a virtual oasis of important watering holes in this arid land of reddish plateaus. Paleo-Indian tribes hunted mammoth and bison in this area 10,000 years ago and later began to settle near these sources of water. Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado traveled to the region in 1541 and reportedly helped name the nearby settlement of Puerto de Luna after watching the moon crest over some rock outcroppings.

Native Anasazi Indians, who later became the Pueblo and Navajo tribes, dominated the area around the Blue Hole until the Plains Indians (Comanche, Apache, Ute and others) were forced into the region because of the expansion of U.S. territory. In the late 1800s, young outlaw "Billy the Kid" often visited Santa Rosa and probably cooled off in the Blue Hole before riding into town. "The Kid" was served his last Christmas dinner in Puerto de Luna in 1880 while in the custody of Sheriff Pat Garrett.

The first railroad train steamed through Santa Rosa in 1901, and the Blue Hole became a popular swimming hole for both railroad workers and passengers. Less than a mile away, the railroad's bridge over the Pecos River was later the backdrop for the John Steinbeck novel-turned-movie, "Grapes of Wrath," in which actor Henry Fonda watches a freight train cross the bridge into the sunset in the John Ford epic film.

The Blue Hole's popularity grew around 1930 when the cross-country highway called Route 66 opened up through Santa Rosa and right past the spring on a section of road that is now called Blue Hole Road. The Chicago-to-Los Angeles highway crossed eight states and three time zones. Weary travelers stopped at the Blue Hole for water and a cool dip, plus took advantage of the town's numerous motels that opened up along the thoroughfare. The highway was moved north a short distance to its present location in 1937.

Okay, wuz up?
For one thing I opened a journal I kept back in 1995 on my trip to Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand and the final destination the east coast of Australia for over two months...at some point I think I might put it together for a small travel book...it might just stand a chance...

Other than that, a fellow artist has joined me in the studio for a few days, him trying to cram for the last moment before an exhibition he has this coming Friday...

Aug  12
About this time four years ago, the  best dog buddy I have ever had, simply disappeared from our house, while Ruth and I were in New York working on the house Ruth had to sell. I still haven't stopped missing FLAT TIRE. She was simply the best of the best.

Flat Tire was named  because my van rolled away from where it was parked, while I went into a store to buy s snack that would help me persuade to poor starving creature into my life. The van rolled into a curb that had a jagged piece of rebar sticking out and it punctured the front tire which was new and cost $140. That is the only expense she ever gave me, compared to GinaLolaBrigida,
(GINA 5-K)
which in three years  has rung up an amazing $4,600 in vet bills keeping her alive, and although a very sweet dog, I don't think I could put her anywhere near Flat Tire's best dog award...
Aug 09
Other than the usual, like hanging out in my studio, and getting on with various ideas  about being an artist...hmmm...well I have nearly completed another big creature...and he with his testosterone are out on the road.

pushing the beast out to the road...
...hey, wait a minute he's taking off!

Hey! Comeback here!

oh, oh, vulture bird is checking out those?


Yup, boys will be boys...

But I got em, under control.

Aug 30

This how Molly, my Gibson guitar looked like when I first got her in 1969...

...and this what she looked like just before I sanded all that nonsense off and fixed the bridge which has been out of kilter for at least 20 years...

So I am putting this up  ecause my old musical partner from way back in Ghost times will be arriving soon and we are rendezvousing with the third member of what We called the GAZORNANLATT REVIEW.


Well,  it is said one should never look back so we will see how true that is this time.


Aug 18

Aug 14
My friend Harry sent some very funny photos of which this was my favorite

So...we had a fun kind of evening at the movies. Ruth loved it and couldn't understand the critics bumming reviews, but even though I did enjoy it too, the movie has some serious flaws in direction and casting and nothing new as far as old western plots run...the Aliens simply replaced the old time baddie or evil landlord. What was amazing were the special effects and CG artists...I can't get over how real it all appears. To me, though, Daniel Craig was not a good choice for the lead, and one thing for sure  is he can't ride a horse for shit...


Today Ruth and I are going with some Madroids to see COWBOYS AND ALIENS...apparently it has been panned by the local movie critics but my nephew-in-law is one of the main stunt men in it while he stayed with us for an extended visit during the filming...so we will see.

Also as far as startling revelations into the intimacies of our co-habitation we took the SCAMP into a RV repair shop yesterday to get lights, refrigeration and water heater things working...obviously why Ruth's "friend" sold it to her so cheap...geez if only I had such good "friends"...

End of July Vacation
The raft trip down Brown Canyon in Salida, Colorado.
I can't explain how thrilling it was to do the river raft experience, but I think you can see.