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JULY 2008

July 31

Ruth has wanted to make the "living room" in our little box home bigger for some time now. So in the last two days I took down the wall that used to be around my old office. Kazam! Ali-Bam! the living is bigger. Now to redecorate, what else.

July 30

Yesterday Ruth and I had a day of luxurious leisure.

 Don't know one deserves those kind of things but it felt good to me...a day of laying around hot baths and cool pools. reading Steven King, looking at people, watching the sky , thinking very little at all except at the end of the day we would have a wonderful meal, which we did.

Ruth drove home, I gazed out the window.

When we got home it was time to go to bed, which we did.

I read DREAMCATCHER  until midnight.

Ruth read CELL until 2 am.

I had the dream. That horrible one where something creepy grows onto my tongue.

Sometimes I pull it off, see it's made of all kinds of crustaceous crawling things.


But today yesterday tomorrow is good.






1. a day at the spa. 2. The new buildings. 3. The gardens. 4. New Buildings. 5. $125 later we leave feeling good.

July 29

It is so good to be home. I wish Snowball was here too.

July 28

One thing I have not mentioned is another animal story, and it seems it is not a happy one. Snowball, who is the brother and half brother to our three other cats disappeared a week ago. It does not look good as he has never kept out of sight that long---a few hours now and then and sometimes he would not come in the house in the morning for breakfast, but would show up in the afternoon.

We have no idea what happened to him, as it was with my dog Flat Tire who mysteriously disappeared almost a year ago...I don't know if there is some large beast that is lurking around as some people have reported seeing a mountain lion in the area, or even a worse beast, the human kind that enjoys shooting...or what? An alien collection device...all are as believable as the next idea, including maybe he jumped in the trunk of some visiting friends on their way to the east coast. Maybe  Snowball got out in Kansas and he is on his way back.

I once had a girlfriend who had a cat called Gnosis, and he was a demon constantly doing cat things that drove me crazy. I told her the next time he crapped in my belongings he was going bye bye. Sure enough within a day or so he did the deed again. I put him in the car and drove him about 12 miles away, across two freeways and over one river with a very narrow bridge. To my utter amazement he showed up about 5 days later starving and apparently baring no grudges about me sending him to summer camp. After that I actually began to admire him. I don't remember if that cured his cat-crap episodes but I never deported him again.

Who knows, maybe beautiful Snowball will show up soon.

July 27

It's a WRAP. My work in Las Cruces is done, at least as far as getting all the 352 square feet of tiles painted and numbered and put in assembly line for the kiln--and that part, Ms. Sara Pfohl has the dubious honor of completing. To see a  small booklet that covers the entire project click on this link:  http://kwacoart.com/AbbbyBook.htm

As for me I am back in my world trying to finish jobs started before Ruth and I went to Corsica as well as getting the place ready for a big double birthday party we are doing September 7th. It will be Ruth's 55th and my 64th so we figured it was a good time to have a celebration.

But for a couple of days I just feel like "puttering" doing what ever and letting the sense of being home settle. The 600 miles every weekend since June 22 got to be dull. It is good to be home.

I guess for the first time in a long time I feel like being an artist again, what ever that means...but here are three of a "buckeroo" theme I have been doing over last few months.




1. 4X6 ft. acrylic on plywood. 2. 3x4 ft. acrylic on masonite.  3. 4x4 ft. acrylic on plywood.

July 19

Hmmm...it seems the next 30 square feet  did not come out so good. Story links:  July 19 http://kwacoart.com/americorps.htm

July 16

Above is the first (13 X 2.75)  feet of the 140 foot ceramic mural I am directing in Las Cruces. The actual design was done by Robyn Midi who has worked for the last year as a AmeriCorps volunteer.  The under glaze was applied by the whole AmeriCorps team at Alma d' Arte Charter High School

July 13

Tomorrow I will get up very early in the morning and drive to Las Cruces as I have done every Monday since May 23. Tomorrow is of course  the 14th of July, French Independence day and Ruth and my 2nd anniversary. I told her this morning it has been the happiest two years of my life.

It continues that way I pray for the rest of our days.

July 12

The weeks roll by yes? Already half the summer over and I can hardly remember where it began.

Like yesterday I was telling a story to someone, and then got off track and started to readdress the story by saying the classic phrase, "but I..." and then could not think of the word "digress" until later in the evening...anyway, I digress, and the summer is disappearing as well as the America I have known my short  life of 63.75 years.

The news yesterday of a major bank collapse along with what is happening with gas prices and the general economy is very disturbing. Ruth's business is not doing well. People simply have stopped buying items they don't need. It is not only Ruth but most of the other shops in Madrid accept for the bar. People still drink to numb the pain. As it gets worse the bar will probably do even better. I saw videos of garbage piles all over Italy burn this morning. It looked apocalyptic. I bet the Italians are swilling a few jars too.

As for me, I am concluding the first part of the ceramic mural project in Las Cruces. My team of young AmeriCorps volunteers have done an amazing job and finished the application of under glaze a full ten days ahead of what I thought. Now it is the process of firing more than 300 square feet of tiles, then the installation sometime hopefully in late July or early August.

Funny, but the mythology of the Mayan END TIME  now does not seem so far-fetched, so doing such things as a ceramic mural that can last well over a thousand years makes me think of ones mortality, and more nebulous the mortality of our lovely planet.

I have to admit, I find little hope with what I see the people in the world doing, but I do believe this: Nature is bigger than humankind and life will prevail no matter what kind of life it is...sounds depressing but what do I know about the universe?

If you have a plan go fix it, or do as I do and have a good time and hope for the best.

July 6--- The 4th was  a nice day. In the early evening we went to Shay's house for a barbeque with mutual friends.

We came home fairly early, took our pets for a walk down in the river meadow, then came back and had a hot tub, watching the the sky rockets shoot up from our little village Cerrillos. A nice life.











 1. Shay's front porch. 2. Barbeque crew. 3. The parking lot. 4. Some of the view. 5. The rich and famous. 6. Local dignitaries. 7. The Kitchen. 8. Shay orchestrates. 9. Local paparazzi.  10. Shiloh on walk.


July 2    The second week in Las Cruces with 12 young adults from AmeriCorps ( http://www.americorps.org/ ) and the Alma d'Arte Charter High School ( http://www.almadarte.org/ ).

We are in the process of creating a ceramic tile mural that will be installed on Compos Street, which is the south border of the historic "Mesquite" district.

This mural is the second ceramic mural project and possibly more to come later. To see the previous project click http://kewolve.com/Mesquite%20Project.htm  and current project click http://kwacoart.com/americorps.htm .

I am anxious get back home and celebrate the weekend with Ruth and friends.

I am still not quite over the journey to Corsica.

Every once in a while I have a tremendous sadness that comes knowing an era  is over and most likely I will never see the island or my friends there again.

This is ironic.  Ruth lost her childhood home in Connecticut last August and she too has reoccurring sadness of the place that was central to her life.

There is nothing anyone can do to stop change, and the old cliché "don't look back"   seems to be the only wisdom one can draw from the death of old worlds.