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October 31


Perhaps I should preface this by saying,

"When swimming upriver,

let large logs pass."

credited to: Neil Cameron, 1975

It has been a very "chaotic ten days to say the least.

!. My computers went on the blink.

2. Ruth sold her house.

3. Matt Foster, showed up from Tennessee.

4. My computers went off the blink.






OCTOBER 31  8:05 PM

Tonight we go off to mad Madrid

for a Halloween Party amongst Madroids

what a pleasure it will be

to be among the merry mad

as the night spins on

all in a circle

all in a game

all in a number

to the moment of fame


October 16

A full week of trying to level 24 separate foundation blocks (it is much more difficult than I thought)...the beginning of the EXTENSION... being primarily what Ruth tells me is the secret desire of every woman...a walk-in closet.

 I plan on doing my own secret desire...a new bathroom and if it all goes well a sauna.

Other than that, early Sunday morning we traveled to ABQ for the International Balloon Fiesta. We did not go directly into the grounds but stopped at a service station a mile away and viewed the spectacle. Sister Karen chauffeured us there and afterward we went to the CRACKER BARREL and had a wonderful breakfast.

Okay so it is a chain, but is well done and reasonably inexpensive.

 I give it a thumbs up in this corporate ridden depersonalized  21st century.











1. Ruth 2. Sister Karen 3. Ruth & Karen 4. The Crowds 5. The Balloons 6. Early Rise 7. A Cow Balloon 8. The Sun Comes Slow 9. Sun Closer 10.  Beer In The Sun

October 11

To have an opinion is usually controversial to someone somewhere, and to have an opinion online is not only controversial but  damaging or insulting to someone somewhere.

People who know me well, know I do not hold all the works of Hollywood in high respect even though I admit I consider myself  a whore in succumbing to the monetary benefits I have received out of glitter land.

My only excuse is poverty made me do it.

If I was a famous artist earning vast amounts of cash, no doubt I would be producing bulk that others would deem garbage. Being a relative nobody  I still produce garbage to some, but few people know who I am so my productions cause little attention in this world of absurdity.

What I am getting at is my recent blabbing web mouth (scroll down) about the  TV production KID NATION

Unfortunately I "dissed" it not considering I also was insulting many of the good people that worked on the show who put their talent, energy and hearts into their profession.

In short, I made a large diplomatic blunder.

To those people I apologize for my carte blanche insult.

 As for the general world of Hollywood, I will burn my last bridge, and say, "Kiss My Royal Ass." So there goes any future whore's salvation from starvation.

I can only say I did it to myself. Nobody is perfect.

October 8 Columbus day

In 1962 I was in Eugene, Oregon with my high school journalism class, when the Great Columbus Day Storm took place. It knocked out power all over western Oregon for over 24 hours.  But during the day I watched 200 foot Douglas firs fall like grass blades and TV antennas fly through the air like dragon flies. My friend Tommy Nelson (Del Nero) said, "Shit Stack, [my nic-name]  I'm getting out of here."  He ran into the university cafeteria as a big fir fell and crushed a car where we had been parked just moments before. That night in the hotel teenagers went wild. Tommy got laid I wondered how he did that.

But here now, all these years later Columbus Day only causes riots in Denver, and I wonder who did Tommy the black-out hotel service.

Other than that, just to prove the character Red Cloud in my Zen Cowboy tales is real, below are some photos of him, his truck and wagons and a classic meeting between two old cowpokes on the porch of the Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid.

Double-click to add photos

1. The real Red Cloud  2. Red Cloud and Wheels 3. The Wagon Load 4. Parking the Rig 5. An Inch to Spare 6. Inspecting the Load  7. Looks All Right  8. Better Check the Rear  9. Load Delivered to Cerrillos  10. Red Cloud at The Front Gate 11. Red Cloud and Len Self 12. Three of a Kind

October 6

...and time keeps on sliding by...

Already the 5th of October. I have not accepted the idea summer has disappeared.

Ruth has a theory that it is not the fact we are getting older and the time/space continuum is just a phenomena of age, but in fact time really is escalating its advancement.

She may be right. 2012 (the END TIME) is only 50 months away. I bought a thousand rounds of ammunition just in case...

In the mean time, each week I busy myself with  procrastinating  activities that keep me from getting started with the NEW WING. For instance this week I decided to erect the oil-rig tower I scavenged when I was a scenic artist for CBS's KID NATION* last spring.

The top third of the tower became the base for my old Phoenix sculpture and the the bottom two thirds became the base of what might eventually be a shrine out in the horse corral.

While I was doing that I noticed that the front gate was completely falling apart. I spent the next couple days fixing it. 

...and that brings me up to today where I have no further excuse keeping me from beginning the NEW WING...yikes...






1. Raising the roof for  the shrine (by myself). 2. The roof is up and it was windy...that was exciting. 3. The Phoenix on her new perch. 4. The Phoenix at the front gate. 5. The front gate repaired.

*KID NATION ARCHIVES The photos below almost got me fired from the production last April, because this mind-boggling piece of genius Television fodder was TOP SECRET. 

1. Oil Derricks and Out Houses

2. Glen Neff and Boxes

3. Moi and Water Wheels

4. Moi and Cloud

5. Glen, Wheels and Out House

6. Out Houses

7. More Out Houses

8. Secret Oil

I would like to tell what I actually saw during this fiasco piece of funk, but I am not in the mood to play with lawyer law suits, so I will just say what was good about the experience was working with Tommy Train and Roger Baer in the art department. The money wasn't bad and the catering was excellent.

...oh yeah... I got enough material that was on its way to the dump. to build the NEW WING...