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KeBlogJournal September 2006

September 05, 06

Labor Day, and because of it I will do my best not to labor too much at anything. As I learned in Scotland many years ago, "Work is the curse of the drinking class,"  ergo there go I.  On  a normal day I spend the morning hours in my house being/doing  domestic stuff, office work, neurotic procrastination and just plain differing. Below is just a small portion of my world as it is now, but will be changing soon.

Happy Labor to you.






September 11, 06

All but the coloration and the road trip to San Francisco

Momma Gazelle

Momma's Tail

Baby Gazelle

Momma and Baby

Momma and Baby

September 12, 06

In-between the in-betweens I occasionally dig out my living by being a substitute teacher, as I did for the last couple days, taking the role of an "art teacher" in a middle school.  Here are some of the pieces produced with the kiddies.

Students in Action

Student Self-Portraits

Student Colaboration

September 20, 06

The Gazelle Family colored...and today is my birthday, the last day of summer.

September 22, 06

An old friend got in touch today after many years absence and he reminded me that I had missed a significant point on my resume on my BIO page. It is listed below as he wrote to me.

"1969 Performance artist with Fred Baue in Ye Olde Gazornenblatt Revue at various and sundry disreputable bars and grungy coffeehouses in Colorado Springs, Aspen, Denver, Boulder, etc. etc."

He forgot two significant gigs. One was in Union Square in San Francisco in the summer of '68 where he played guitar and I drew chalk drawings on the pavement. In an hour we made enough money to buy a bag of See's chocolate fudge and a couple of good bottles of wine before we returned to the three secretaries who loved us beyond comprehension. The second forgotten item was a girls prep school in Missouri where we flirted with dangerous young things and then all got thrown in jail for having a "hippy" party deep in the woods...but that is in another story soon to be revealed in the conclusion of the last  book of the HARLEQUIN MOON TRILOGY.

As for today, I finally finished the gazelle wood sculptures soon to be transported to San Francisco. It was a cloudy balmy weird-ass New Mexico day, so I took a few snaps of my house and a unique Japanese apple tree that has produced more fruit than ever before.

One final note. Today is Red Cloud's birthday, my oldest brother. He is 77. I will seeing him in Tucson, Arizona on my way back from California.

September 26

The Gazelle family colored, oiled and ready to roll to California