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World Community Arts Day 2010



Daily Mold
Feb. 28

For those who occasionally look in on this page, no doubt have seen my posts have got stretched out further and further, as well as containing very little information.

The reason I have kept up this page was that I would have some kind of record, that I could go back to and see what may have or have not happened on any particular day...nothing at all was ever meant to develop a following, one way or the other.

The thing I have realized for some time, is that I have seldom, if ever actually wrote anything of my personal opinion or reflections in a more frank or candid way, because simply put, I do not wish for just anybody to know what goes on in the heartt of my darkness. That is my business, and no one else.

However...this is not how I wrote in the many worn and tattered paper book journals I have kept since I was 18 years old, and I am beginning to feel the absence of an old friend that has been my confident through thick and thin---an inanimate piece of organized pulp that would accept my mutterings no matter what, and it was the secret between us, never to be read or heard by anyone, until someday when I am long dead, and perhaps some misguided relative or history nut decided to wade through shelves of gibberish I left behind.

So starting in March, my blog page will be posted only randomly, if at all.

In other words, don't waste your time checking in on this page for the "MOLD", as little will change unless I discover I have a need to come back here on a daily basis. More than likely, all that will be forthcoming will be photos I wish to some how preserve outside of my fragile and corrupted old computers.

By the way, it is much to do with all of the nonsense that is posted on FACEBOOK that has made me think, this is not how I want posterity to review a reflection of me.

Thanks for checking in when you did.

Feb 22
Having finished WORLD COMMUNITY ARTS DAY 2011, I am in somewhat of lost mode, so I started cleaning the studio and arranging things so maybe a passing tourist will pop in and look at my calamity...hey why not?

Feb. 21
A new day in my little world here in New Mexico, getting the studio back in order after the piles of material and equipment were stacked up as I paid homage to WORLD COMMUNITYARTS DAY 2011...

DETAIL OF A FEW OF THE PANELS...and a woman from Texas bought two of the panels to hang in her new house, so that was very cool to see people like the work well enough to acquire them...as an old friend said years ago, "...the best compliment you can pay an artist is to buy their work."

As for Shiloh, he now has had an extended three week span of his life, being the doctor said he probably should just be "put down" to save the suffering...he seems old and kind of feeble, but still got a big appetite and as far as one may notice, appears happier than most humans...

Thank you to everybody who participated in this year's WORLD COMMUNITY ARTS DAY paint-in at THE HOLLAR. There are some very lovely and unique works that manifested through the application of communal action. Thanks especially to Amanda, Tabetha, Shelly, James, and of course Josh and his staff for being so considerate and generous of their space.

I have been at THE HOLLAR every day since Saturday, painting on the jig-saw panels I saved from being thrown in the garbage 3 years ago...it has been a different kind of experience in getting people to add some touch to a piece of on-going visual manifestation, meaning for the most part, I have kept the panels deliberately abstract with the exception of the recognizable form of a HEART. Well, it was Valentine's day this week so t is not too big of a leap in understanding the metaphor.

It has been me  that has done the majority of action on the panels and at first I was kind of frustrated about not attempting to get people more involved with the process, but then it dawned on me, that Community Art is just a kind of manipulating slogan that we used back when I was very involved with the arts activist movement in Scotland in the 70's...because always it meant that an artist went into the community and provoked people into participation and festivity by creating in front of them. In other words we were putting artists back into the fabric of the community weave by being there as opposed to being in our ivory tower studios and elitist attitudes...

Feb. 14 Valentine's Day and Ruth and I doing good...we went to a Drag Queen Revue for our celebration of today's event, which means I guess that we are now a very mature and appreciative couple who can view the idea of love and romance with anybody is an odd experience...it is only the true hearts that make it to the end....

As for Shiloh, the old boy is still perking along and that is a good thing too.

And for WORLD COMMUNITY ARTS DAY,  I have been up at THE HOLLAR making a mess with little jig-saw panels from KID NATION when I was a lead artist...now they look like Jackson Pollack on LSD...

Feb. 10
SHILOH had a bad day, well not so bad, but he seemed to have lost his zip again, and then suddenly it returned...it makes me think perhaps he just has a bad turn so Ruth will invite him up into the bed and baby him intensely...why not?

The cold weather continues, I believe once again sub-zero last night, as our water froze in the big bathroom again...so far no leaking spurts...

I have been working on the pool table, which doubles as my workshop when the cold is too much, and as usual cats, dogs and everybody have to see what the mess is all about...
Feb. 8
That's my little girl being proud of becoming a mommy.
As for the health of Old Shiloh...he continues to act like nothing in the world is wrong with him, so we hope it lasts for as long as possile.
Feb. 5
Old Shiloh still in a "reprevieved" mode acting like nothing in the world can do him in, (except maybe me after we came home last night and he had pulled the garbage out from under the sink and spread it all over the house...grrrr!) In truth one of his talents I will not miss too much...

Feb. 1 Tuesday
The good news is Shiloh is not going to die immediately. The bad news is he does not have long---the doc said a week, maybe two...so he is home and not in pain. Ruth and I treating him as good as we can possibly do in his last few days with us...but who knows? Doctors have been wrong before, and maybe the days will stretch to months...

Feb. 2 Wednesday

Old Shiloh has got a reprieve on this thin shelf of existence, and is acting like there is not a thing wrong with him other than being an old man, which I can relate to...but  the thousand dollar doctor  bill  has at least given Ruth a little more time to love her favorite boyfriend and I ain't jealous at all.

Having pets that die before you do, is always the only thing not good about giving human affection to a creature that loves you more than most people ever will...
Errant Data Points

Feb 22...and of course the horse thing...

...and then there was an unprovoked ART ATTACK on THE HOLLAR...I'm not sure if Josh the owner has even seen the WCAD paintings screwed onto his walls..he may just notice they are  no longer on his fence.

Feb. 2 and it is something like 6 degrees outside and supposed to be as low as minus 14 before morning comes again.
And old Shiloh acts like it is just perfect weather for him as he and Gina run down to the river...

Meanwhile, Franny still thinks Shiloh is the man...