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Thursday 18
MY oldest sister,Ruby meets Xenia for the first time.

Sunday 7

...makes everyone happy...

IT WAS THE OFFICIAL PARTY yesterday forenia's 2nd birthday...you would think it was XMAS in an orphanage...guess Rowan my daughter, the mother. is trying to make up for  the lack of junk she didn't get  as a little girl..
Xenia didn't seem concerned one way or the other....
Don't know what happened to my back, but my theory so far is I might have broken a rib in my lower back...

Tuesday 23
40 years of art around the world...

Thursday 18
Finally a more normal "monsoon" season has come...being it has rained almost every day for the last week, although yesterday not...
We went to Tor C to check out a problem with Ruth's renter on 8th street, then later out to Elephant Butte. It is the driest I have seen the reservoir since 1987...and apparently the driest it has been since it was filling up when first built in the 30's...

Thursday 11
It continues to be cloudy but has only rained once since the last rain, and that was probably only a quarter inch...still that is better than NO RAIN!
Sunday 7
...and the first real moisture since last December...

Saturday 6
Whew...another night banging on poor old Molly at the Mine Shaft...
I really have to do something with myself...yup the same old sad song for how many years?
I think I'm going to get up earlier than I have been doing for some time now, and get back to THE CRYSTAL TIGHTROPE....jeez, after all these years you'd think I would be anxious to finish this elongated therapy piece...also I guess I am mildly curious if a READER actually read the stuff, would they just dismiss it as complete BS and think I'm a raving deluded maniac?????
I really don't know.
Friday 5

The picture above was yesterday taken by a person I don't know, but it got me involved in trying to do something about the starving conditions of these poor creatures...no telling what backlash will come from the kind people of San Felipe Pueblo about my blabbing this crime to the media...I guess I will see. On the good side of things some kind hearted Samaritans have brought some hay to the horses...
July 2
I have to play "shop girl" in Ruth's store today. It helps Ruth out with her shops, but I am probably the worst salesman in the world...so when ever anyone acts interested in an item, I tell them to wait while I go get the person who can tell them all about the thing...