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...the green page is the small story of how Santiago McBoil came to be...

...and on with the 3rd book in the HARLEQUIN MOON TRILOGY



 © copyright, January 1, 2009

Review and beginning


Everything goes wrong and then ultimately everything goes right for Santiago–but he keeps hearing a voice whisper in his mind, "A crystal tight rope. It’s as dangerous to walk on, as it is to fall off."

Santiago’s first two books become international best sellers. He is miraculously declared free of disease,  and finds a large bank account can make him happy, for a while – rents a house in the hills above Santa Barbara, California, buys a Mercedes Benz  and a three thousand dollar Armani linen suit.

In Corsica, Martina wanted back in the picture. Santiago, said to her, “You know I already paid the price of admission to you more than once…I just don’t feel like seeing the movie again...eh, today..."

He discovers the truth of Dark Eyes.

Yes, he knew there was something very odd about sex with Dark Eyes.  My God, he had no idea they could do that to a penis.

The other puzzlement, Dark Eyes was the half brother of Martina. Had it been an accident their paths crossed in Paris? Was it orchestrated? 

Also; the brutally murdered dirty-old-Corsican-sheep-herding-grandpa…what was that story?

As for Neil, his life long friend who had been his accidental savior in Vietnam and co-partner in lust with Martina, why was he back in Corsica?

The very strange coincidence of hearing about the “odd bloke who wore no underwear under his kilt” also had been connected to Yokomi,…instead she arrived with a Frog, Santiago nicknamed “Toy Boy”.

Who does he wind up with – Neil, Martina, Dark Eyes, Yokomi or someone not even seen yet?

Where is Leila, the ex-wife , and Tara, the daughter?

What ever became of the Gypsy?

At the end of the second book, Santiago no longer can discern fantasy from reality.

Santiago discovers having everything can be nothing too. 

He returns to America with a woman he did not even know 24 hours before, the new woman in his life.

Daily Mold
June 30
While we were in ABQ we did a little touristic stuff...

June 29
We watched Michael Moore's Capitalism/a love story last night.

Moore is a showman and entertainer, but even so, the story he unveiled was depressing and humiliating to see our country so corrupt, so influenced by greed and so totally irresponsible not only to its own people. but criminal in our policies to to the world.

I thought it was evil during the time of Nixon, but it seems that quotient is still the formula of our government, (or at least to the kind of people that aspire to be in American politics) and worse than corrupt.

We are creating a fanatical Islamic revolution which I believe will escalate, but more terrifying is the question of our unbelievable wealth that is held in the hands of the famous 1% while the Gulf of Mexico is rapidly being killed forever and no doubt that evil will flow to shores beyond ours...

It is easy of course to point fingers. I have no solution and certainly do not intend to run for any political office, and for that matter I may not even vote again.

Perhaps, it is people like me that have allowed this beast to dominate our land.

If Obama is a magician, maybe he can convince my kind of apathy soul to pick up the sword of justice and slice the monster heads off again...

June 27
Better late than never...Ruth and I are going to do some of our 2009 taxes today...whoopee what news!
June 25
Friday, black brown blue Friday. Michael Jackson and the Gulf catastrophe...THIS IS IT indeed indeed.

The news this morning that next week over one million people will no longer get extended unemployment checks.

One may expect to see Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath rolling down the street in your neighborhood soon...

Have a wonderful weekend.

June 24
For some time now most of the local customers of the Mine Shaft have disserted it (for a myriad of reasons) and gone across the street to the only competitor, The Hollar. The beer is cheaper and it is nice to sit outside, but all us are aware that winter will return some day...

June 23
An old friend from the past who is a writer of novels, says one of his rules of writing is to never use "irony" as any kind of device or vehicle to carry a tale along. I won't debate his logic for several reasons, but mainly because it seems to me life is just one long unfolding blossom of infinite ironies...but then if one did not proclaim rules, others would have no target to shoot at or ignore.

I am not sure what I am getting at but being whatever it was that started this proclamation from me in the first place has simply evaporated out of my thought train, then that's that.

Hmmm, is there some irony here?

June 22
An impromptu dinner party last night.

 Once again I was reminded we are getting to be old farts by the fact of a young person (only 25) being amongst us, being so hopeful of a full and bountiful life...of which all I could think was: just wait until she hits the unspotted road bumps ahead...but of course I am a jaded old bastard.

We took off for a bit to do some work on one of Ruth's projects in T or C...in-between we did a little road trip up to the small towns of Hillsboro and Winston. I think Winston wins the award for the most unique town welcome billboard...

there it is on the far left
We stopped for a picnic at a beautiful little campground.

But this is what the kids get up to there...notice the graffiti is a hundred feet over the rocks below...

...and Hillsboro had one shop where Ruth found some goodies for her shop...

...and then we went back to Tor C where Franny has an on going love affair with the Paco who lives across the street...

June 14
I had an interesting talk with my nephew about 2012 and the END TIME theory.

It seems he has known about it since he was a kid. That is not really too unusual in his circumstance because he was raised by an old Azteca woman in Mexico.

He is convinced the predictions are the reality we will all face, so we went over the possibilities of what to do in less than 3 years and both agreed nothing can be done but just carry on and have as good a life as we can in the meantime.

He said he will come to the EVENT Ruth and I are doing on December 21, 2012, called:

The weird thing about Billy and I is that we were standing looking to the south one evening in Tucson, talking about the days or whatever, when we saw a disc about the size of a quarter at arms length shoot across the entire east to west horizon in less than a half second (about 300 miles). It was a lime green on the inside with a rim of bright yellow around the perimeter. It left no vapor trail, no sound and made an arch following the curvature of the earth.

We turned to each other and confirmed the same experience of sight.

Two weeks later my best friend from youth called me and told me a story about seeing 4 discs of the same description hanging in the sky of eastern Oregon.

Well, Billy and I brought that memory up and a whole series of other events unraveled which we believe are alien visitations.

The odd thing is Ruth and I witnessed a phenomenon two years ago, that was even more bazaar, and every time we tell anyone about it, they look at us with the expression of, "Oh yeah, sure."

Okay, so now you know I am a UFO nutcase. All I can say is the universe is much more weird and amazing than the reality we think is reality.

June 13
Sunday as the world turns...not much going on except me still trying to get my garden growing and that is pretty much a disaster...being most of it is about two months behind what it should be.

I find in talking with individuals about what is happening in the Gulf:
It seems we all realize there is nothing or no thing we can do that will stop the giant wheel that is turning.

In other words, a tragedy beyond our comprehension to balance with any kind of rational.

June 12
My nephew Billy arrived a couple of days ago to be in the film  COWBOYS AND ALIENS now being shot in Santa Fe. It is a Harrison Ford/Steven Spielberg film and apparently a big deal...in the meantime, I resurrected the old horse corral for Billy's two horses, and redistributed my art stuff.

This spring the 60 mph winds blew my old sculpture  THE PHOENIX  off her pedestal and broke it a hundred pieces, and now she has a new look and back on the tower that hopefully won't blow over for awhile...

The PHOENIX was originally the center piece of a large installation which for me was a satirical work about the Exxon Valdes catastrophe. So now she is back in business as a symbol of hope for the tragedy we will all have to witness one way or the other in the Gulf.

Ironically, the small tower she stands on is half of  a OIL RIG TOWER that was in the stupid television reality show  KID NATION.

June 7
Today is Paul Gauguin's birthday.

Today I am too tired to even think about painting, planting or puttering.
June 6
Sunday, hotter'n hell and then the clouds came and a little sprinkle  cooled down a degree or two, so I went down to the junk pile I have been collecting for years and hauled a big chunk of it away to the dump.

So much for my saving the world today.

June 5
Old Beatle lyric, "I saw the news today, oh boy...."

Honestly, I wonder why I watch the news, for all it does, is make me feel GUILTY.

There is no avenue that does not go to DENIAL.

Or as my old Vietnam buddy Jim says, "We  live in a petroleum based civilization, so unless you don't drive, don't ask for rides, use plastic bags, electricity, even most food and clothes we use (brought through the courtesy of vast trucking. shipping, training suppliers) then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM."

Now go explain that to the millions of creatures that are being suffocated in the GULF.

My contribution of comment?

I am creating a series entitled collectively the


The PHOENIX is in repair  (again) of the RESSURECTION center piece installation I did in the 90's called

It was a metaphor of
Christ and the Resurrection
and black satire of the
Exxon Valdes

June 4
Ruth and I think about Corsica as it was two years ago we were at my friends farm in Corsica. We went for my old friend Di Rhodes 88th birthday party.

So the family sent photos of her 90th birthday party this year. I noticed the pool looked cleaned and full and the weather looked perfect.

Errant Data
Once in a while we do a BBQ out in our yard, which usually is a lot of fun...

...and smoke...

...what the hell is going on here...

...but Billy has got it under control...

Back to an old theme of sticks and used furniture parts to make horses or whatever...

these guys are 3 X4 feet