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a day on the Oregon beach with my old buddy Paul Johnson


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June 29 At 11:41 PM last night , after 30 hours of labor. my daughter was given a C-section and the following result happened...a little 8.1 lb. baby girl came into the world...

June 28 Tuesday12:57 PM
My daughter is in labor, so any moment now...
June 27
I had not finished the second flying pig, so here it is completed...

June 26
I have not heard any news from my daughter as of yet, so she now is 10 days overdue...which is not too uncommon for a first time mother but it can't go on too much longer...
If it does not happen today, then she is going to the doctor tomorrow to do another inside view...

June 25
Ruth is in Florida so I have home work to do, such as digging a 4 foot hole in the ground to find out where over 27,000 gallons of water leaked out while I was in Oregon...always something.

June 24

My version of a flying pig...
June 21
The first day of summer. So I decided  to clear the next wall, and as a result, twine the green willow around the snorkel beast.

June  18
Ruth and I went the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe and saw an amazing beautiful exhibition of early Native American jewelry. Much of it being renditions of the Thunderbird icon. For once I actually enjoyed looking at doo-dads that women wear. Being with Ruth I get an eyeful most of the time...

Anyway I was inspired and thought, "Hmmm, one of these days I want to do my kind of THUNDERBIRD."

So yesterday was the day...below are two views of it with different light angles...it is approximately 3  by 2 feet.  Obviously not exactly Pueblo, Navajo or Apache in style.

June 17 Friday
Ruth's day off so we are just kicking back and hanging out at the house.

I continue to monitor the condition of my sister Ruby who fell and broke her hip last week. So far it appears to be okay, but at her age of 90+ and being on oxygen, her lungs are very fragile and is in danger of pneumonia.

Ruby is almost like my mother being she nearly raised me as much as our own mother. Ruby was 24 when I was born.

So...at a moments notice I am ready to go back to my childhood home Pueblo, Colorado, about  5 hours away.

June 16 Thursday
Rowan and I had lunch together today and discussed baby names...

Important information!

Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like bananas.

 ...other important stuff is my daughter Rowan is DUE!!!!!
Any moment now I could be a grandfather...

June 15
An online publication on Oregon mural

Mural at Paulina Elementary School
photo by Dawn Camara

PAULINA, Ore. – As long as Paulina Elementary School stands, so will the bigger- than-life mural its student body painted on the south side of the building. Under the tutelage of world-renowned artist Kenneth J. Wolverton, each of the student body’s 39 kindergarten through eighth grade students helped give life to their community profile in a way the public will enjoy for generations to come.

Dawn Camara, who lives in Paulina near the ranch her great grandfather homesteaded in1913, works part time as relief postmaster in nearby Post as well as at the school where two of her three children still attend. A ranch wife, Camara is as at home with branding and roping cattle as she is as any of her other jobs and her involvement in the mural project was not only a labor of love for her community, but for a labor of love her uncle the artist.

Students painting mural at Paulina Elementary School

Students paint mural on Paulina Elementary School wall: photo by D "Bing" Bingham.

“The idea to paint the wall, really started five years ago when teacher Bruce Kilander expressed his thoughts about how a mural would be a good way to make the building look more exciting,” Camara said. “But, until two years ago, when the Skyline Trail Riders Association gave us the proceeds from their local fundraiser auction, we never had the money to do it. One thing led to another and since Uncle Kenny had done projects like this for other schools, I called him to see if he would consider coming from his home in New Mexico to do this one. It was so exciting when he said yes.”

The Paulina Elementary School has a history of coming up with innovative educational experiences for its students. In the past they sponsored an on-site Art Van Go Project, hosted a month-long Artists in Residence program and brought in Oregon Museum of Science and Industry sponsored chemistry and biology workshops.

To develop the school mural plan, the Parent Teacher Organization members appealed to the community at large to send in ideas and photos of what they wanted to see on the wall. Those ideas were sent to Wolverton to design a mural around and and send back to the school board for final approval, included cattle brands from nearby ranches; images of grazing cattle; a horse and rider branding; the Paulina rodeo; area wildlife and some scenes from the area’s early pioneer days.

Artist Kenneth J. Wolverton and Paulina resident Dawn Camara

World-renowned artist Kenneth J. Wolverton, left, with Paulina resident (and niece) Dawn Camara; photo by D "Bing" Bingham.

“It was amazing thing to watch,” Camara said. “He started with a three-day chalk talk workshop to give the kids a feel for what they were going to do. The older kids drew a horse and the younger ones a bull. After he sketched the images on the wall, he rotated the students out of class in small groups of five to eight kids at a time to start painting. The first two days, kindergarten through third graders painted the ground level background. When the younger kids were finished, the fourth and fifth graders took on more mid-range advanced work and the sixth through eight graders finished off at the top. After the kids did their work, Uncle Kenny went back and did the highlighting and touching up. It’s a thing to behold and if anyone is traveling east of Prineville on Highway 380, I hope they will take a look at it.”

What’s next for Paulina Elementary? It is anybody’s guess. Dawn Camera pointed out that there is a lot of paint left over, they still have some bare walls left and they haven’t ruled anything out.

For more information about Paulina Elementary School, call 1-541-477-3182. More information about artist Ken Wolverton is available at www.kewolve.com

- Jan Jackson










June 14 Tuesday
Back to the Snorklebeast today, that is unless I have to go to Colorado...have not talked to my sister Ruby yet, but will today...

Ruth and I are really lazy about getting up in the morning...these days I don't even make coffee until around nine. What that has to do with anything I don't know, but that is the story for today.

June 13 Monday

...the snorkle beast progresses slowly...and other than that I read old thoughts written ten years ago in Guatemala and think about how quickly the time melts away...

Beyond that I have heard bad news my oldest sister Ruby, fell down and broke her hip..so I may be off to Colorado depending on the news of her recovery...she is 92, so this could be very serious.

June 9 Thursday
Back in the grind and in production. One beast down and another on the runway...itza ELKOMONSTER

I have no idea what the one below is going to be until the pieces of wood slip together...

June 6
I am in the shady side of the studio again, which has become a seasonal move every year for at least 15 years...it gets way too hot, windy and just plain unpleasant in the sculpture yard part of the studio. But in the winter I'm back out where the sun do shine...

This was something else a couple of years ago, but not successful and the damn thing weighed a ton, so I tore it all apart and started over. I'm still have no idea what it will be, but I'll try to cut the weight down a bunch.

June 5
VERY WRINKLED and getting more so by the day....
June 4
Pirates was just plain fun and Johnny Depp is hilarious...so altogether worth the couple hours of wasted in frivolity
June 3 Friday
Hoop hoop hooray, not because it is Friday (because Friday is like every other day to me) but hooray because we are going to see the new  3-D Pirates of the Caribbean and that is the cheap thrill of the day even though it will not be so cheap...

As for other things...being I have run the kilt series for a couple days, I will say that wool next to ones bare bottom is just a bit too frictiony...and the other thing is...

My little girl who is not so little just now, meaning especially her belly, she is about to pop with some variety of new human being, boy or girl or who knows ... supposed to be June 15, so we will see how close the doctor has predicted.

June 2 Thursday
Got some of this place cleared up yesterday, but still a full week doing it if I wanted to just get things back in order not counting cleaning the joint up...I can't believe how dirty it can get in such a short time...uh, that is when I am the maid and bottle-washer.

Meanwhile last night I was going over in head again about my tour of Oregon and all that took place. Anyway while I was dong the mural a gentleman showed up who does stories for an Oregon online site...photo by Bing Bingham


June 1 Wednesday
Starting a clean sweep of the yard and studio, for a couple of reasons:
1. The general disorder of everything is beginning to drive me more nuts than I am...
2. There is a lot of dried tumble weeds stacked around the outside of all the wooden fence (1,000 feet of it enclosing 2 acres the house occupies) which in this dry season is just asking or trouble, of which I am so suspicious of saying things I won't even say what.

...and another flying pig takes to the sky...

Okay the Road Vulture and Snorkel Beast are goofy but fun...

The SNORKLE BEAST on the road.

Hey why get up early when you can lay down in the bar later?

June 10 Friday
Finished, or I should say I stopped the work on the ELKQMONSTER and now have started a snorklebeast or at least that is what it looks like so far...

Well I guess I have to finally adjust to the fact I am one ugly old dude with missing front teeth...eee gads, it is truly humiliating but what can I do other than  wonder how I can talk a dentist into an art trade?

oh well, it could be worse like have a missing nose or eyeball.

Professor Wolverton pontificates...with wrinkles...

...and another one

...and this is just too funny. Thanks Harry.