AmeriCorps Project 2010
master classes taught at Alma d'Arte Charter High School, Las Cruces, NM
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my resume short version

...almost the whole catalog of Ruth and my rambles...


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Photoshop stuff I have done over the years with my photography.

Guatemala in English
...one of the projects I have never got around to doing...yet.

Guatemala en Espanol
If you want this project in Spanish...

Projects that have not happened...yet

 Ceramic Mural in Las Cruces

I have painted over 200 murals or somewhere that number---lost count years ago, but here are a few...

Analysis of The My  Lai Massacre, one of my final papers for the University.

Recent work and a few oldies

Examples of the last ten years

World Community Arts Day 2012
this is the sixth year of me attempting to do something in the community that is a public art endeavor...

WCAD Archives 2007-2011

World Community Arts Day 2010, an international art event connecting through the internet.

Harlequin Trilogy (Book 2) + short stories plus non fiction

Writing in one sitting on one page

List of new ideas and first few stories
Thursday 27
...and Scarlet hanging out with Ruth's other pets...

Monday 24
My first attempt at painting the ocean two years before I was ever on a ship...

Thinking about ocean scenes...

...now 40 years later a 1,000 miles from the nearest sea...

Sunday 16

Greg's Benefit...coming up next week...
Saturday 8
Now that's a bunch of outlaws...

...and a couple more...

...and a truck I'd love to have..
Friday 28
Xenia's 2nd birthday today.

Thursday 27
Hopefully the last illustration for Pico de Gallo

...and then Ruth up to being Peggy Guggenheim of the Southwest, buying the art of local artist Greg Hornback who died lat week...

Monday 24

Full moon this week end...
Saturday 22
off  to a party in the woods...

Friday 21
Well...here we are again... the longest day of the year, and me with nothing to do...again...

These days I seem to be at a loss most of the time about what exact purpose I am supposed to have...and yet I remember way back when I was young I wandered around the world doing nothing almost all of the time and it hardly ever bothered me that I was just pissing away time with no plan at all...

Thursday 20
Oh Lord, why do I drink, why do I smoke and why do I remember Hank Williams Jr. songs?

If I get any more worthless it will be the end of a very long meandering road to nowhere...
Tuesday 18
...working in Ruth's shop today...
Monday 17
Well...how weird. I almost feel naked without aol.com...
it has been my only email since 1998...I canceled it today.
hhmmm...me thinks I've been computer neutered...

Sunday 16

Spoofing with Joe West and company
Tuesday 11
Sitting in Ruth's shop for a few days a week until she finds someone else to cover...and lord knows, she knows I am not a sales person...
Sunday 9
Greg Hornbeck, one of our friends and fellow artists died this morning. It is a sad day even though the suns shines on...
Wednesday 5
Well...this S.O.B. has now bitten his second human and if Ruth and I were not so kind and lovers of dogs, rightfully most likely he should be put down, or sent away at least...in which we tried the other day to find him a new home in Las Vegas, NM but it was a death trap, being so close to the main highway and fencing that would never keep him in...so we returned home and thought about what else we could do.
Then last night he jumped the ever increasingly heighted fence I keep building and first thing got in the yard of the person 's house whose son he bit...in short another black mark for himand Ruth and I knew there is little option but to get rid of him...what to do?

This was a couple of days ago..