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Jan 23 Wednesday

Jan 22 Tuesday

Jan. 20 Sunday
The weather has turned warmer , all the way up to 45 degrees which after the cold spell seeks like summer...

Jan. 19 Saturday
I went to eye doctor yesterday so I should have a new pair of glasse on of these days...

Jan 18, Friday
Old drawings about 2004...

Around 1999 on my way back from Fargo, North Dakota, late December, somewhere on a piss break with my two best friends, Little Pal and Piccolo...

In 1986 I was trying to proclaim my arrival not only back in America, but a dream of being in the Land of Enchantment so I painted a mural at the EL MADRID LOUNGE, which in itelf is prophetic considering I eventually moved to Cerrillos but have spent much of my time and most of my money in Madrid, New Mexico. Anyway I think I got paid a whole $250 for each panel which were three (an amazing $750) which was as they say better than a stick in the eye...

26 years later this mural has been in the backdrop of three separate movies and I have been paid more for each little 15 second glimpse of fame than the whole damn thing...also for the first time in 26 years it got tagged by some local graffiti idiots, but you know I just don't give a darn...no way I'm going back to repair unless I finally get paid what I should, like about 10 K and that is unlikely.

These two pieces are not side by side as seen here but separated by a doorway. They measure 12 by 16 feet each which is 192 square feet equaling about 76 cents a square foot I got paid...hmmm, I wasn't much of a businessman but somehow one thing lead to another and I'm not dead yet.

Jan. 15, Tuesday
7 degrees Fahrenheit this morning at 9:00  AM

It does not look that cold outside but really, it's a day to stay close to the fireplace.

I have been really blue for a few days and suddenly realized why...I miss the puppies a whole bunch...

Jan. 7, Monday
I've kept a journal for over 50 years, almost daily if not more, but since this computer (1998) has been in the picture, my writing has become less frequent to the point of not writing with a pen in a book at all...and every once in a while I miss that funny little place in my life where I babble absolute junk, that probably has no relevance to a living soul, but me. The other point of it is I can't remember once ever threatening to throw my journals out the window or wanting to blow them up with a bomb...

Jan.6,  Sunday
The puppies are theoretically here only one more day...and that indeed is a mixed blessing...

Jan.2  Wednesday