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July 26
...well, it is later and now I am on the right computer so not only do you get to see the BULL, but also the drawings I am doing for a small mural commission to my old patron, THE SPACE ALIEN BAR AND GRILL...

July  22
When I was out in Oregon in May, my brother Robert gave me some photos of our family...and it makes me feel more than a little blue, to know that my sister Goldie, disappeared in 1964, and both Patty and Doris are deceased. Yet so, Tommy, Robert, Red and Ruby, and of course my half brother Phillip are still doing well.

Me and Red about three years ago.
July 21

This picture has nothing to do with last night when we saw Dolly Parton's show at Sandia Casino, but it is an interesting picture, and possibly that is also what I can say about Dolly...she is interesting and of course very talented, but it sure was a Las Vegas style  syrupy Americana  humma humma full of corn-flakes and hokey down in country working class people jokes...interesting but hardly the Rolling Stones...
July 20

With   spiraling fuel prices it is about time we  heard some  breakthrough!

India's  largest  automaker, Tata Motors, is set to  start producing the world's  first  commercial air-powered  vehicle. 
The  Air Car, developed by  ex-Formula One engineer Guy Negre for   Luxembourg-based MDI, uses compressed air,  as opposed to the  gas-and-oxygen  explosions of internal-combustion models, to  push  its engine's pistons.  Some 6000  zero-emissions Air Cars  are scheduled to  hit Indian streets by August 2011. 
The  Air Car, called the "MiniCAT" could cost around $8,177.00 in India  and would have a range of around 185 miles   between refuels.

The cost of  a refill  would be about  $2.00

The MiniCAT which is a   simple, light urban car, with a tubular  chassis that is glued, 
not welded, and a body  of fiberglass powered by compressed  air.   Microcontrollers are used in every device  in the car,  so one tiny radio transmitter  sends instructions to the lights,   indicators, etc.

There are  no keys - just  an access card which can be  read by the car from your pocket. According to  the designers, it costs less than $1.11 per 62  miles (about a tenth that of a petrol car).   Its mileage is about double that of the  most advanced electric  car (125 to 186  miles or 10 hours of driving), a factor which  makes  a perfect choice in cities where 80%  of motorists drive at less than 38 miles.   The car has a top speed of 65  mph.

Refilling the car will, once  the market develops, take place at adapted  petrol stations to administer compressed air.   In two or three minutes, and  at a  cost of approximately $2.22, the car will be  ready to  go another 125-186  miles.
As   a viable alternative, the car carries a  small compressor which can be connected to the  mains (220V or 380V) and refill the tank   in 3-4 hours.  Due to the absence of  combustion and, consequently, of residues,  changing the oil (1 quart of  vegetable  oil) is necessary only every 31,000  miles).
The   temperature of the clean air expelled by  the exhaust pipe is  between 0-15 degrees  below zero, which makes it suitable for use   by the internal air conditioning system  with no need for gases or loss of   power.

Also see MDI’s website:

July 18

This Ruth's justice in getting back at me for all the weird photos I've done of her over the years...
July 17

My little Grand Daughter, Xenia (Zen-nee-uh) still in her Buddha state...

It's Ruth's day off so what does she do? Yup, she finds a job we can do this case getting rid of the shredded sections the cats have created in the last five years. We are going to cover it in Cat Proof material

July 14
Together 5 years!

...and I keep rearranging the sticks to see what will come along in the new sculpture in the studio...

...this one is more carved than the usual beast...

July 13
Tomorrow, Ruth and I will celebrate our official fifth year together...considering all the stuff that has blown past us, it is a miracle of some proportion.

July 10-12
I am in discussion with former members (Fred Baue and James Hamilton) of
over a nostalgic get together sometime in the beginning of September...hey we even may play music again.

As for other events...I am back doing another big stick sculpture, and basically just hanging out in the studio acting like I know what I'm doing...

July 6 to 9
New Blue Meenees and ensemble
tour the
Madrigal Isthmus

July 5
Galesteo Basin Spit and Whittle Club tribute to
Sir Henry Moore...near actual scale size.

Okay, I am on a mission so to speak, trying to initiate The Galesteo Basin Spit and Whittle Club which has no association or affiliation with the Kingston, New Mexico Spit and Whittle Club, other than the title sparked my imagination and led me to talking about forming a club that focused on whittling and "spitting" if one wants to spit...but more towards the action of simply taking a piece of wood in your hand and going into a kind of active meditation of whittling with a simple pin knife or a hand operated carving implement is allowed to drink beer and be sociable as long as they do not endanger their own fingers or the sensitivities and fingers of fellow whittlers...first meeting will be this Friday, July 8, 4 to 6 PM at Connie's Photo Park, in Madrid New Mexico.

Below are a few examples of random whittle jobs...

None of this stuff is meant to be high art, but only what it is.

This indeed was the very first whittle job (shown at scale size)  which announced the Galesteo Basin Spit and Whittle Club.

June 28 to July 3
To re-cap the important events of last month...

So here I am being a grand pappy. No not above,
below...that's pappy Geno above. As of yet, the little gal has no first, or second name...just, cute little baby.

...and here are my little piggies...

...and the ongoing fires of New Mexico...