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...the mural I will soon start which will be 8 x 8 feet on the exterior of our local tavern...
AmeriCorps Project 2010
master classes taught at Alma d'Arte Charter High School, Las Cruces, NM
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my resume short version

...almost the whole catalog of Ruth and my rambles...

...and almost a daily blither...

Photoshop stuff I have done over the years with my photography.

Guatemala in English of the projects I have never got around to doing...yet.

Guatemala en Espanol
If you want this project in Spanish...

Projects that have not happened...yet

 Ceramic Mural in Las Cruces

I have painted over 200 murals or somewhere that number---lost count years ago, but here are a few...

Analysis of The My  Lai Massacre, one of my final papers for the University.

Recent work and a few oldies

Examples of the last ten years

World Community Arts Day 2012
this is the sixth year of me attempting to do something in the community that is a public art endeavor...

WCAD Archives 2007-2011

World Community Arts Day 2010, an international art event connecting through the internet.

Harlequin Trilogy (Book 2) + short stories plus non fiction

Writing in one sitting on one page

List of new ideas and first few stories
Thursday 26
Back to doing horse stuff again...

...but other than that...

Wednesday 25
...still piddling with the "adobe" walls around the studio...

Monday 23
My grandchild being a summersplash little cutey.

...and the consequences of another mural fest in front of Ruth's shop...buth eorder here is back to front...

..this being the finished product after 4 or 5 hours of collaborative splashing...

...and this where it began...

Thursday 19
From afar it looks almost real, my fake adobe wall, but once I fill in the cracks and splatter paint it, it will fool the best eye...thanks to Hollywood and my neighbor Tim, my studio goes on to another chapter of

Wednesday 18
Finally...hmmm, no not finally but it seems I can procrastinate indefinately about doing basic maintenance around our little home...well...there is almost an acre that comprises the front and back yard as well as my studio that has kind of been in a steady rate of freefall ever since I built it 20 years ago....

So? What to do? I can only do what I have always done, which is start at the beginning, get to the middle and grunt all the way to the end. In other words, chip off one little spot at a time and finish that before you go to the next...

Tuesday 17
...the studio in ever changing status...

 ...and a few of my fellow boozers at the local...
funny, that looks like Ruth...
Monday 16

Saturday 7
Amazing how much better the world looks when your checking account is in the black and you have had a good nights sleep...and then there is just another day in the studio...

Friday 6 July
I've noticed a thing or two about myself in the last few years, that being my disillusionment of ever making it to the dog heap has been far too overrated being the top of the dog heap's best view is only the shit piles below and that's about all...the other thing or two is even though I drink my quota of booze, most often like W.C. Fields, I may be drunk today, but tomorrow I will be sober, and all of the crazies will still be crazy...and while I am on my little rant there  just is too little time to be involved in other peoples plans for their self promotion...obviously I 'd rather promote myself. Okay, that's done.

All one really can do is do the best you can and give full freedom to other people in whatever they want to do for long as they don't get in your face, what is to be concerned about?

July 4th  hip hip hooray! to see the wizard...oh how I wish...
...and then there was the parade...