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AmeriCorps Project 2010
master classes taught at Alma d'Arte Charter High School, Las Cruces, NM
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my resume short version

...almost the whole catalog of Ruth and my rambles...

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Photoshop stuff I have done over the years with my photography.

Guatemala in English
...one of the projects I have never got around to doing...yet.

Guatemala en Espanol
If you want this project in Spanish...

Projects that have not happened...yet

 Ceramic Mural in Las Cruces

I have painted over 200 murals or somewhere that number---lost count years ago, but here are a few...

Analysis of The My  Lai Massacre, one of my final papers for the University.

Recent work and a few oldies

Examples of the last ten years

World Community Arts Day 2012
this is the sixth year of me attempting to do something in the community that is a public art endeavor...

WCAD Archives 2007-2011

World Community Arts Day 2010, an international art event connecting through the internet.

Harlequin Trilogy (Book 2) + short stories plus non fiction

Writing in one sitting on one page

List of new ideas and first few stories
IT SEEMS TO BE A "GO" with the mural idea for the Mine Shaft Tavern...and so far this is the initial laout.

I plan on putting in as many town "celebrities" as I can without cluttering up the design...most of the characters will go in the windows and porches of the original shacks taken from the painting done by Ross Ward that hangs over the Mine Shaft bar.

Monday 25

The wedding ceremony of my niece's son Tyler  in Albuquerque Saturday...and all went well....

Back in Cerrillos I played around in the studio a bit and did a tour of the studio areas...

Friday 22
A fire happened across the river in the village of Cerrillos...at first I thought it was in the Bosque, and it was very close but thankfully the volunteer fire department got there and put it out before the wind carried the fire towards the tree in the Bosque...had it got there it would have been a very serious event. Now if we can get through the 4th of July pyromaniacs or if the Monsoons come that will be the next situation to anticipate.

Tuesday 19
Back from Truth or Consequences and Ruth's exploration of El Paso

Ourcamp site at South Montecello

And the most incredible antique sore I have ever seen...called Whoopee Bowl Antiques near Anthony, New Mexico.

Sunday 17

...and it's FATHER'S DAY!

Whatadork, I would say if  I saw this guy some where...

.and from my family other dorks..

Wednesday 13
Art at Ruth's gallery. And that is where I will be today, which will give me a chance to get back to THE CRYSTAL TIGHTROPE which I haven't worked on for some time...    http://www.kewolve.com/Crystal_Tight_Rope.html

Tuesday 12
Spent the afternoon getting the camper ready for a small excursion and piddling around with water business for Ruth's building in Madrid...it is amazing how quickly the day goes by and how little I get done...

...and here I am working at night to make up for doing nothing during daylight...

Monday 11
A local artist is putting together a small magazine/art book and so I have been getting images ready for the publication, of which some work is very recent and a couple that go back years...

Studio stuff...

Friday 8
Slowly the studio is remodeled...and in between art stuff on old windows...

This was Ruth's idea about doing  symbolic "spiritual" imagery.

Thursday 7
New stuff out in the studio...

Tuesday 5
...and in between pretending being an artist I sit in the studio and have deep thoughtful conversations with my girlfriend Scarlet...

June 4
My pals and great musicians THE RUE BARBS celebrated Jim and Tim's birthday yesterday.

June 3
Tried to post a MPG file but did not work.

June 2
Ruth seems to be feeling better but she still has a specialist next week. So we will see...

I have to remind myself not to take my guitar out in public anymore, or as I did last night going to the Mine Shaft Tavern...several reasons, but the most real is i just make noise and yowl like an old cat so I am amazed anyone would want hear such cacophony.

On the other hand there were some people who know how to play and were worth listening to, such as Steve seen here...

June 1

I can't say how absolutely lazy I have become in the last few months...meaning I have to force myself to get up and go out to the studio...