What a difference
40 years makes...

I  have decided to start writing again but no idea of where it is going except the absolutely true story of my life, which some people call memoirs, although in my case it seems much more like fiction...

AmeriCorps Project 2010
master classes taught at Alma d'Arte Charter High School, Las Cruces, NM
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my resume short version

...almost the whole catalog of Ruth and my rambles...

APRIL 2014 blog

Photoshop stuff I have done over the years with my photography.

Guatemala in English of the projects I have never got around to doing...yet.

Guatemala en Espanol
If you want this project in Spanish...

Projects that have not happened...yet

 Ceramic Mural in Las Cruces

I have painted over 200 murals or somewhere that number---lost count years ago, but here are a few...

Analysis of The My  Lai Massacre, one of my final papers for the University.

Recent work and a few oldies

Examples of the last ten years


World Community Arts Day 2012
this is the sixth year of me attempting to do something in the community that is a public art endeavor...

WCAD Archives 2007-2011

World Community Arts Day 2010, an international art event connecting through the internet.

Harlequin Trilogy (Book 2) + short stories plus non fiction

Writing in one sitting on one page

List of new ideas and first few stories
art and stuff
The Hawaiian mural continues...

One of the students who helped create the Mesquite Ceramic mural sent these photos on to Facebook...done in 2006.

 My daughter Rowan brought back a box full of photographs that I had left in a trunk in Scotland in 1990...lots of old memories with the smell of musty mold impressive...

...the first three years I was in Scotland

MY buddies David Harding, and Pete Simpson and an event I organized for a Jamboree of most of the ghetto kids in Edinburgh...

me directing the painting of the HUT in Craigmillar


A drawing I did of Jimmy McNeil, standing in front of his farm called Drumla, Rowan as a baby being lifted to a puppet by Reg Bolton and Phil Croal working with me at the Fruit Market Gallery...hah, that sounds funny...

The Surfboard in progress...

A few days ago I was talking to my friend Kenneth Wolverton about Cowboy Len. He told me again about a spiritual experience he and others had i
n which I played a part. The part was a poem I wrote and read about Len at his funeral.

The day Len died, almost 2 years ago, I was also coincidentally dumped, so I was feeing pretty blue. As this has happened before I wrote some poetry to help me sort out my mind about the world. Poems mostly about rabbits. In particular a one eyed rabbit that lived and died nearby a year or so back.

Within a few days it was suggested I write a poem about Len. I read it at Len's funeral and it was liked, so much so it changed my standing in the community.Kenneth Wolverton being one.

Shortly after the poem was read, a small spiral wind came over and picked up two plates. which spun around each other, moving higher and higher before disappearing into the sky. The magical event mirrored my poem and enhanced the experience into a special spiritual event.

Here is the poem:
--------Cowboy Len --------
Is Len with that one-eyed rabbit, who disappeared last night?
Today I failed to see him, at early morning light.
I think he and Len are riding.
Like boys and rabbits do.
When at the stroke of midnight. He passed from him to you.

He passed from life to legend. Up on a meteor.
Riding that one eyed-rabbit. Smiling down to all.
When he finally realized, he'd passed from life... to death.
Looked down again and wondered….. I can do better yet!

His hat arched quickly backwards… he spun the rabbit round
Soaring fast upon us …his mustache….. smiled at the town!

"I want to tell you brothers…. and sisters I loved you too
I want to say I'm grateful, for the love this town came through.
James and Tina, I love you, thank you, for gently passing me.
The names…. too many….I can't remember
……. thanks for the warmth I came to see."

"So let us take a moment…. to think….. but not of me. 
To think about your neighbor, and what you can come to be."

"To think that I died today, it's sad and it is not.
Cause I'm thinkin bout my legend, my sweet life, how easy it was to part."

"You know I'm pretty Ornery…. there are those who came to see
How quickly they regretted…..ever crossing me."
…..Then he slowly wondered, he's crafty as a fox.
He thinks about his legend and being in that box.

His mustache starts a twitching, he reaches for his gun
He rears that rabbit upward and shoots into the sun.
"Thank ya'll for comin…. Please enjoy the grub.
I'll see you next October, playing my old tub."

Then In the final moment, he had some more to say.
He was fading quickly……. but rallied to the day.

"You other boys, well fuck ya!
You'll never be like me.
There were women, a lot and better, than anything ya'll see."

"And to all you rich tourist-as, who took that endless shot,
who showed me to their brother, friends and workers, mom and pop.
Next time you print my picture
send me check or two.
Addressed to plain old Lynsville. That's my town, I'm famous here.
I'd like to leave a trust fund... to butcher lots of steer."

Then with a certain sadness, he waved his last goodbye
His hat and mustache gestured….. up into the sky
"I'll catch ya'll bit later…. let me close this door!
Ya see I got a hot date…… with a lady meteor"


A beautiful and prophetic poem written for Len Self's funeral

...and so, now onto the surfboard portrait of Hawaii which when done will float off to Montana...

...hard to see the mirror as is here being it is under layers of blue tape...



And then...a little three day project with 12 high school kids and their art teacher, Autumn Pearson.

Uh...what did I say? Not much to report? Uh, well, I guess I have been busier than I remembered so maybe that's why I wrote nothing for May...

self portrait as old goat...with scowling hen looking over my shoulder...
AUGUST 14...MY GOD...AGAIN THE TIME....and what happens to it?
So I have all but finished the Hawaii Portrait...just last final steel wool brushing, cleaning and then some good varnish once the whole thing dries out which will be several days even in this hot weather... but here it is although the coloration is not correct with the actual work...very difficult to photo because of reflection and smooth surface of the fiberglass...

...the sea and sky is difficult to see here, as there is much more definition and flow in the surface than is shown...

Ruth and my 8th anniversary
in TorC at the River Bend.

I was in the first issue of the local ART magazine put out by Barbara Fail...

July 9
Well...hmmm...and so on...It seems I am through most of the stuff I have to do for other ends and means committees which means I can soon put full time into finishing the the Portrait of Hawaii...
I go through different kind of thoughts about the painting, the best is the process of getting back into oils again after an almost 40 year vacancy...the oddest thought being I wonder why I'm painting a surfboard going to Montana, but then the obvious answer being not only was it commissioned but it is already paid for and I already spent the money on catching up on other debts...

I have completed most of the stuff I had to do before I get seriously into putting most of my time into the PORTRAIT OF HAWAII so...from her on until I depart for Montana sometime in late August or early September that will be my main objective.

It is Rose, the Rocking Bird Dog! Xenia's 3rd birthday buddy...

...and then there was yesterday and today and the completion of 4 "GUARDIANS"


June 12

So we went to wedding and all was beautiful...
June 5
Considering how much time I used to put on this blog page, I seem to have gone through a terrific  reduction to hours allocated seems I forgot MAY altogether, and now 5 days into June nothing of real consequence to report. other than I am finalizing a gift that has been 25 years or so in the making---it being a shattered mirror that two year old Shannon Miller climbed from under it without a scratch, her giggling like it was the funniest thing that ever happened. The mirror was 6 feet high, 2 feet wide and probably weighed 80 lbs. Shannon weighed all of 25 or 30 lbs and had arms like thin little sticks. I told her that day when she grew up to be a big woman and got married, I would give her the broken mirror as her wedding present...of which she giggled all the more.
Well, here we are 25 years later and she is getting married in two days and the mirror is nearly finished, as seen to the left.

And...still have about 3 weeks to finish my grand daughters ROCKING GOBBLEDYGOOP BIRD...almost there aside from more sanding, color and finish varnish...

Other than that, I just finished the new display case for SHURGARMAN'S LITTLE CHOCOLATE SHOP, or that is, his new 2nd shop down on the boardwalk of  Madrid, at STUDIO 14...

1. The surfboard my niece Ramona sent me to paint a portrait of Hawaii posed by local gals and me...

...and I sold an old painting from a year or two ago and shipped it off to Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania..

And when I have nothing to do I go back and work on the