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 Ceramic Mural in Las Cruces

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Analysis of The My  Lai Massacre, one of my final papers for the University.

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World Community Arts Day 2012
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World Community Arts Day 2010, an international art event connecting through the internet.

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Monday 28
New stuff in the process...

Sunday 27
Life is kind of back to normal again, or that is as normal as two lunatics, 4 cats and 3 dogs can be...

But yesterday certainly had some very odd karma...not only Ruth's rush to the hospital, , but my daughter's step-grandfather died and my brother Robert's wife Joanna died...all on the same maybe it does bare some thought about tragedy coming in volleys of three...

Anyway Ruth had a peaceful afternoon under the trees resting in the warm wind that blew leaves off living branches. And the apple tree has more fruit on it than ever before, so life goes on.

Saturday 26
Whew!   Been a intense 36 hours...Ruth called 911 Thursday night and was rushed off to the hospital in Santa Fe

After 3 cat-scans and 1 MRI they diidn't have a clear idea why she was having such debilitating pain in they gave her the name of specialists and no doubt a colossal bill and sent he home last night.

She slept good and has pain medication which we will go a step at a time and find out...

Thursday 24
Yup, once I was young and I'm just hopeful...but anyway this was a very incredible winter I spent at my oldest brother's ranch up in the mountains of central Oregon.

Wednesday 23
Last night was a friends birthday so I joined in the music and played around on the mural wall...

Tuesday 22
Homes in my life, altogether almost 7 years living in Trucks, vans and buses...and a lot of dogs, girlfriends and brain cells lost along the way...

Monday 21

Ruth and I joined some of our buddies up at The Madrid Cemetery to watch the lunar eclipse yesterday...but it was more fun watching everybody than seeing the eclipse through four pairs of sunglasses...

One of our friends, jerry brough a large plastic sun screen and it made a wonderful reflective devise to see people watching the sun go behind the moon...

Saturday 19
...and then there is Kimi who I promised to help paint her truck (again having painted two of her previous trucks) so we spent the afternoon getting started on her big old Ford doing an improvised horse and landscape...

There is always someone in a collaborative experiment who will go way over the boundaries and do something that wrecks the whole thing, but then that usually is the starting point for something genuinely original f not also beautiful...

Cleaning up the studio I came across a roll of paper that was a table cover for an art class I did one summer for severely handicapped children
 and seemed to me most of the "accidental" splashes were just as good as a lot of people who try to do abstract expressionism...of course, even though most of the patterns were random, I sort of manipulated the "accidents" as the summer passed the total work was half unconscious and half maneuvered...

Wednesda7 16
Still cleaning the studio...
Tuesday 15
In cleaning out the studio I came across a bunch of rolled up paper works that have been in hibernation for at least ten years...I picked them up and put them all in  a pile and was going to burn them...but then we went to Truth or Consequences and toured some of the art galleries and it occurred to me that the stuff I was going to burn was just as good as anything I saw if not a whole lot last night I started the process of mounting some of the sections of one roll of paper that was the cover for a work table I did one summer with a whole group (40 or 50) severely challenged physical and mental children. To me these pieces are amazing...

Sunday 13
We just got back from T or C where Ruth rescued a wee baby cat 4 weeks old and I rescued a Horny Toad (age unknown) and The dogs all had a good time too!


...and Franny celebrated her first Mammy Day...

ednesday 9
I completed a little job for Chrissie Orr...a table a fixed her gate I made several years ago.

Tuesday 8
It's cold and windy. I don't care. Summer is coming. The studio day by day gets closer to being a studio again instead of Ruth's shed.

Monday 7
The Sinco de Mayo Party at Tim's House Saturday...a very fun and refreshing time with old pals and new...but now it's Monday and time to reassemble brain cells and go back to some kind of work even if I am just kidding myself.

Ruth looking like a dark angel...


It was commissioned by one of the restaurants in town and I got paid in food that went on for over a year...I found out early on an artist never has to starve.

I have not organized anything in my studio for at least two years if not three, which in turn became a world of chaos...only so much I could stand so for the last few days I have been doing spring CLEANING AND GETTING RID OF STUFF I WILL NEVER use ( as  art material) in this life time) the end result of the work so far is it feels really good to go into my studio and actually feel like I have a place to work again.

It still may look like chaos but at least I can see what is there...

In the process I am finishing the table for Chrissie Orr and starting a "HORSE" mural of which I have no idea where it will go or ultimately look like... 

Wednesday 2

It seems we can't get a dog unless it comes with a huge immediate medical bill, which little Shadow Buddy has already run up to $492 to get a defective tear duct on his right eye sewn up and have his nuts clipped on the same day...which did not alter him trying to plug Franny as soon as he got home. Oh boy, boys!