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...the green page is the small story of how Santiago McBoil came to be...

...and on with the 3rd book in the HARLEQUIN MOON TRILOGY



 © copyright, January 1, 2009

Review and beginning


Everything goes wrong and then ultimately everything goes right for Santiago–but he keeps hearing a voice whisper in his mind, "A crystal tight rope. It’s as dangerous to walk on, as it is to fall off."

Santiago’s first two books become international best sellers. He is miraculously declared free of disease,  and finds a large bank account can make him happy, for a while – rents a house in the hills above Santa Barbara, California, buys a Mercedes Benz  and a three thousand dollar Armani linen suit.

In Corsica, Martina wanted back in the picture. Santiago, said to her, “You know I already paid the price of admission to you more than once…I just don’t feel like seeing the movie, today..."

He discovers the truth of Dark Eyes.

Yes, he knew there was something very odd about sex with Dark Eyes.  My God, he had no idea they could do that to a penis.

The other puzzlement, Dark Eyes was the half brother of Martina. Had it been an accident their paths crossed in Paris? Was it orchestrated? 

Also; the brutally murdered dirty-old-Corsican-sheep-herding-grandpa…what was that story?

As for Neil, his life long friend who had been his accidental savior in Vietnam and co-partner in lust with Martina, why was he back in Corsica?

The very strange coincidence of hearing about the “odd bloke who wore no underwear under his kilt” also had been connected to Yokomi,…instead she arrived with a Frog, Santiago nicknamed “Toy Boy”.

Who does he wind up with – Neil, Martina, Dark Eyes, Yokomi or someone not even seen yet?

Where is Leila, the ex-wife , and Tara, the daughter?

What ever became of the Gypsy?

At the end of the second book, Santiago no longer can discern fantasy from reality.

Santiago discovers having everything can be nothing too. 

He returns to America with a woman he did not even know 24 hours before, the new woman in his life.




Daily Mold
May 31
I woke smelling the overpowering bouquet of too many dogs  and cats in the house, and so wondering on how I could help clean up the world, I decided to continue by trying to clean my home.

It is good therapy for me. At least of it, I can temporarily put  one small space on the earth in order and make the odor more harmonious.  I know someone will fart soon.

May 30

The old the cup half empty or half full? I suppose could be applied to the present situation in the there an all-mighty force shaping events or is there nothing shaping anything but human error and greed?

For me even though on many levels I am an atheist, but in my desire for things to be good, I suppose I am a true believer and choose to think the universal powers whatever they be, know what they are doing...

To choose the notion that human calamity is in charge of all earthly events does nothing but fill me with dread, and despair that the children yet to be born will come into a world of darkness and suffocation with nothing at all to hope for or believe in...

May 29
I am very disturbed, very depressed.

The Gulf.

That needs little explanation if you have watched the news at all in the last 30 some days, and if you have not, then undoubtedly you are in a better frame of mind than me.

For all that has come forward in revelation of this disaster, it seems to me this is the worst industrial catastrophe the world has ever known, and as of this morning it still continues.

I am more than disturbed, more than depressed. I am fearful for this world.

May 27

May 26
Cloudy, windy and kind'a cold for almost June....

Aside from that, the little town of Madrid and our friends sometimes reminds me of an episode out of R. Crumb's FURRY FREAK BROTHERS...

May 25
As the world turns and bleeds I busy myself by continuing to decorate the entrance to our property with truly crazy old man art....

May 24
Yesterday I had to go up to the gas station to put some juice in my truck...and all I could think on the way there that each one us, who use  or drives a vehicle, or use plastics or turns on light bulbs are as much responsible for the nightmare that is happening in the Gulf as British Petroleum.

It is a tragedy that apparently has no end, at least yet, but the prospects are matter even if they do plug it tomorrow, the oil has already destroyed several generations of coastline in Louisiana alone, and more than likely will eventually make landfall in other shores.

I remember fully well more than thirty years ago when the technology of deep sea drilling first came, one of the main arguments against it was the very thing that is happening now. Of course the experts said it would never happen, and they are still saying it but with the additional word, "again."

On the news this morning it was reported that eight new permits have been granted for deep sea invasion, so it seems the wheel of misfortune turns with or without our desire...
May 22
Today I am taking the tip a good buddy gave me about putting sawchips/dust between each of my square foot garden boxes...

What I discovered was a
ZaZen kind of experience walking between the boxes barefoot, plucking out pokey things with my toes...
May 21
The garden project as it slowly to see if it can actually get up out of the ground first, then survive drought, floods and or a lot of veggie eating bugs...

May 20
Ruth and I spent the last 5 days fixing up the house her and her life long friend bought in Truth or Consequences, NM.

I thought about taking photos but in the end just could not be bothered.

What was novel about being there was we discovered the alley ways of the neighborhood, and which were more interesting then the front street views of the houses...there is much you can tell about people by viewing them from behind...

But coming back into the Galesteo Basin and our valley of Cerrillos/Madrid is always like coming back to earth. We are more than happy to be home.

Pictures from Rowan's Granny.

May 9
It is a completely wild windy day. I wonder what the world is doing?

May 8
We went down to Truth or Consequences for a couple days, so Ruth could wrap up the buying of a small was enjoyable, but the most odd experience was to accidently sharing a hot springs bath at the river with the project manager of the new manned space craft experiment, his wife and father. They were very nice people and it was only through a casual conversation I learned who the man was. I am afraid I was rather glib when I left, by saying, "Good luck with your space work...I hear there is a lot of it." Obviously not the most clever comment I have ever made, and later I felt embarrassed by my snooty comment to perhaps one of the most important men in America if also unknown...oh well, I am sure he has to deal with bone heads like me quite often.

The hot tub encounter...

May 5
No wind, blue sky and it is warm. New Mexico has returned to a normal weather pattern. 
It is a good day to work out in the yard and prepare the garden that was a total disaster last year...

I call it the Duck Pond Garden, because I had this brilliant idea that poop the ducks fill the little pond with would be a great fertilizer...but I am not so sure. Maybe I shoqw0d-uld consult someone who knows what they are doing...

May 3

I created this strange bird in 1995 to be the front piece for a large art installation called DISASTER BEACH. It was a hopeful notion of something good that would come out of the Exxon Valdes catastrophe. This big bird symbolized the myth of the Phoenix.

Anyway I have repaired the old dear at least six or seven times in the last 15 years, when she got weathered or damaged by one thing or the other. But this weekend I think she finally bit the dust when a huge wind blew her and the stand to the ground. She is in about 50 pieces now, including having her head knocked off.

It is ironic but I hope not prophetic in regards to the oil disaster which seems to have no easy solution in the Gulf now.

May 2
We didn't get out of bed until 1:30 PM today. That is a first for us and the only news of the day...
May 1
On the first day of May I have an overwhelming sense of is not imagined out of nothing because the source is so clear, at least if you follow the national always it is mostly depressing, but this week it is far more than that.

I am writing of the oil rig disaster, something I could rationalize has nothing to do with me, but that would be a lie.

I drive a car, I heat the house, I use plastic, or in the words of a recent car advertisement, 'I LIVE, I BREATHE, I DRIVE, I JEEP, I AM"...or something like that...
So as long as anyone of us uses oil, we are all part of an inevitable global environmental melt down.

Perhaps I am being over dramatic but I don't think so. The problem with my dread is I have no idea of how to solve or stop what is coming our way.

What amazes me, is that the world has limped along for millions of years, and in the course of the last 150 years, us humans have nearly succeeded in developing technologies that may destroy everything. It really makes me wonder about the myth of Atlantis.
Errant Data

This weekend has been full of evening celebrations...all of it fun but more than exhausting.

I was taking a photo of a young woman who was absolutely gorgeous and suddenly noticed an amazing juxtaposition...

 New stuff in the Sculpture World...

A Benefit at the Mine Shaft

In the meantime I manage to make strange stuff in the is a process that sometimes uncovers weird stuff as well...

...and this is the beginning of a new dancing nude which has already changed since this photo...

Well...hmmm...I have had the irregular puzzle pieces in my studio for about three years now;always with the idea I would make some other kind of art form out of them. So...
The pieces were part of a set I designed. and Ruth and I painted one long day and night  for the ridiculous reality series KID NATION, that went one season then flopped.
I became very unpopular with the art department head because I told him before it ever got to air, the show was a bomb.
So there you are, I have continued the "bomb" by trying to blow life back into something that should have gone to the dump along with thousands of bucks of stuff the production company left behind.

Love is in the air...

Spring in the bosque.


The Chihuahua Garden

You may have heard the news in the last two days about the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig which caught fire, burned for two days, then

sank in 5,000 ft of water in the Gulf of Mexico. There are still 11 men missing, and they are not expected to be found.

The rig belongs to Transocean, the world’s biggest offshore drilling contractor. The rig was originally contracted through the year 2013 to

BP and was working on BP’s Macondo exploration well when the fire broke out. The rig costs about $500,000 per day to contract. The full

drilling spread, with helicopters and support vessels and other services, will cost closer to $1,000,000 per day to operate in the course of

drilling for oil and gas. The rig cost about $350,000,000 to build in 2001 and would cost at least double that to replace today.

The rig represents the cutting edge of drilling technology. It is a floating rig, capable of working in up to 10,000 ft water depth. The rig is

not moored; It does not use anchors because it would be too costly and too heavy to suspend this mooring load from the floating

structure. Rather, a triply-redundant computer system uses satellite positioning to control powerful thrusters that keep the rig on station

within a few feet of its intended location, at all times. This is called Dynamic Positioning.

The rig had apparently just finished cementing steel casing in place at depths exceeding 18,000 ft. The next operation was to suspend the

well so that the rig could move to its next drilling location, the idea being that a rig would return to this well later in order to complete the

work necessary to bring the well into production.

It is thought that somehow formation fluids – oil /gas – got into the wellbore and were undetected until it was too late to take action. With a

floating drilling rig setup, because it moves with the waves, currents, and winds, all of the main pressure control equipment sits on the

seabed – the uppermost unmoving point in the well. This pressure control equipment – the Blowout Preventers, or ‘BOP’s” as they’re

called, are controlled with redundant systems from the rig. In the event of a serious emergency, there are multiple Panic Buttons to hit,

and even fail-safe Deadman systems that should be automatically engaged when something of this proportion breaks out. None of them

were aparently activated, suggesting that the blowout was especially swift to escalate at the surface. The flames were visible up to about

35 miles away. Not the glow – the flames. They were 200 – 300 ft high.

All of this will be investigated and it will be some months before all of the particulars are known. For now, it is enough to say that this

marvel of modern technology, which had been operating with an excellent safety record, has burned up and sunk taking souls with it.

The well still is apparently flowing oil, which is appearing at the surface as a slick. They have been working with remotely operated

vehicles, or ROV’s which are essentially tethered miniature submarines with manipulator arms and other equipment that can perform work

underwater while the operator sits on a vessel. These are what were used to explore the Titanic, among other things. Every floating rig

has one on board and they are in constant use. In this case, they are deploying ROV’s from dedicated service vessels. They have been

trying to close the well in using a specialized port on the BOP’s and a pumping arrangement on their ROV’s. They have been unsuccessful

so far. Specialized pollution control vessels have been scrambled to start working the spill, skimming the oil up.

In the coming weeks they will move in at least one other rig to drill a fresh well that will intersect the blowing one at its pay zone. They will

use technology that is capable of drilling from a floating rig, over 3 miles deep to an exact specific point in the earth – with a target radius

of just a few feet plus or minus. Once they intersect their target, a heavy fluid will be pumped that exceeds the formation’s pressure, thus

causing the flow to cease and rendering the well safe at last. It will take at least a couple of months to get this done, bringing all available

technology to bear. It will be an ecological disaster if the well flows all of the while; Optimistically, it could bridge off downhole.

It’s a sad day when something like this happens to any rig, but even more so when it happens to something on the cutting edge of our

capabilities. The photos that follow show the progression of events over the 36 hours from catching fire to sinking.