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Thursday 29
I'm not really sure why I continue this blog being these days I  put most of what ever currently is happening on FaceBook instead or here...and that being because my computer is once again very whacked out and half the time it will not allow me to do anything on the internet without all kinds of fussing, waiting and cursing...oh well I still need this site for a business card experience if nothing else even tough I rarely do "business" of any kind anymore...
But here are a few photos of the previous week...

Thursday 22
...the last of fall colors and a walk on the Bosque with little Xenia and daughter Rowan.

Sunday 18
Ruth hanging out in her new home...

Friday 16 the painting goes...
...and a little walk with my grand daughter...

Monday 12

this was just plain funny...

Saturday  10

Both puppies are now nursing...

Thursday 8
Franny had a C-section and two puppies are now on the planet...
They seem to be healthy and are a lot bigger than we imagined they would be.

Tuesday 6

Sadly the color of fall has run it's little course down our river...

...and I keep on doing stuff out in the studio or the front fence...

Sunday 4
Len's burial yesterday at the Madrid cemetery...