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I have been doing some very small paintings (I am a muralist and anything that is not a wall is small...but in this case they are all around one foot square) and the theme is what ever my imagination finds in the the chaos I initially slop all over the boards.

For instance they start off looking like the panels below..and with a little toggling of my brain they turn into something else...

like this... is always surprising to me...sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but I try to find something funny or at least satirical in the imagery.

I love abstract work when it is truly uniquely beautiful, but that is much more difficult to create than one would think, so I normally go back to my figurative training and see if at least something witty can be aroused.

...and more art that disappeared  years ago...

My cowboy and indian period 1988.

I lived in Telluride, Colorado for two years and actually only ever had actual cash in my hand of $24. I had an open account in every restaurant and bar in town, so onlyhad to sigh my John Doe...





Tuesday Nov. 30
Some funny photos of Shiloh and Franny...

Monday Nov. 29
IT LOOKS AS THOUGH THE snowstorm that was rolling our way, rolled off somewhere else...and that is fine by me'

There is more than enough winter.

There is another odd thing...for some weeks I  have been locking up the ducks and chickens at night, because of the old nemesis skunk apparently has come back.

Most people including myself do not believe skunks to be such carnivores  predators, but in fact they are.

I would not have believed it if I had not seen the little villain with my own eyes chowing down on a big fat hen he had just put the drop on...we were the local Denny's it seems as at that point over 20 chickens disappeared before I caught the freeloading black and white serial killing S.O.B.

The sad story is I left the door open last night and the  last survivor duck (6 years), plus a little rooster my daughter gave were gone this morning. My fault.

We are now without chickens and ducks, but still have two peahens that fly up high into the trees at night.

The odd thing is this: I argue it is the skunk returned, but Ruth believes it is the baby mountain lion (cougar) that was spotted in a chicken house about a half mile from here a couple of weeks may be possible because Shiloh, the big beast 120 lb. dog we have was whimpering at our bedside and had no desire to challenge the intruder on his turf, as he does when coyotes wail...

Sunday Nov. 28
A busy day yesterday...Ruth sold an angel I had just finished (she was hanging it on the wall) while I was home doing my horse thing...after work we went to the Mine Shaft and listened to a world class blues revival Peter Mahl Band with Jimmy Russell and two other that I did not get the names...but they were just simply AMAZING.

We danced from 7 to 10:30, came home and crashed.

Saturday Nov. 20
I played a couple of songs on Molly Gibson with all six strings for a change at the open mike last night. A couple of the local gals got up and jammed vocals and it seems the combo went down with the audience fairly well...although to tell the truth, the audience is always really nice to everyone, even to the ones who would be better off in the shower singing bubbles...and as much as my ego denial excludes me, I am probably fabulous in the shower too.

Thursday 18

Every time I look at this renaissance work I can't help but wonder if the artist was having a little joke with the church...

On the other side of nothing...I have stopped working on the wall for the winter not only because of the freeze, but at the age of 66 my back is mortal even if my brain says otherwise.

The other day this sunset was photographed by several people in Madrid and posted on Facebook. The funny thing  is it was not that unusual...


Saturday Nov. 13
Now that the cold , I mean freezing weather has set in, the project on the wall is more or less finished until Spring. That is okay by me, as it has been over a month I have been doing wheel barrows of cement and trying to figure out how to paste rocks into an upright position.

This has been the second or third time in my life I have ever tried my skills in the art of masonry, which would make real masons fall backwards in laughter.

The product looks more like a controlled avalanche than Inca precision  stone assembly, but I am happy, and is more to the point, Ruth likes it.

Considering as well, this was a wall I started nearly 20 years ago, it is time to call it a "Wrap", at least for the winter...ah something to look forward to, a beautiful fountain surrounded by blossoms and birds...

Tuesday Nov. 9
My daughter Rowan was digging through some boxes out in the studio and came across a bunch of photos of old paintings and murals that for the most part either got painted out, lost, sold or destroyed through the transition of houses from California to Colorado to Scotland to Corsica to Albuquerque to where I am now.

Sometimes I am surprised by stuff I have done over the years...

California 1969

Youth Club Mural Scotland 1976

Corsica 1986

Veteran Mural Albuquerque 1987

My Cowboy and Indian period 1989

Coyotes and Cowboys Cerrillos 1990


Coyotes, Cowboys, Chicks and Bucks Mural 1991

Kindergarten Mural, Madrid 1992

Saturday Nov.6
Oh yow! What a night last night, it was not wild sex or anything close. It was the fact that about every hour the dogs decided to go crazy running and barking at some kind of monster outside.

Around 4 AM the dogs got sleepy and we started to go to sleep.
Then it was the cats turn to play "MOUSE-TUB" which is usually Scarlet, although I'm sure Turn-up and Jezebel get in the game too.
MOUSE-TUB happens when a poor little squeaky rodent is unfortunate enough to be caught by one of our cats and then placed in the the two-foot deep Jacuzzi tub in our bathroom which amounts to no limit of fun for the sadistic nature of a cat to chase it around in circles until they finally decide to chew off a leg or head...fortunately it is easy to clean up, but I have to say, I am always disgusted with the game.

I caught the mouse, and even though I know it will probably want to get back in the house, I hoisted it by the tail and tossed the little fellow as gently as a heave ho can be back out into the yard.

We are in the process of figuring out whether we should get a new camper or not...
but it is a great little rig.

As in life nothing is for free so are campers, even though this one is a bargain.

One of the good feature is that it is high off the ground which will allow us to go to more off road sites.

 It is put together like a yacht.

It is a 1996 model and been well maintained...

...even though my bed making needs some counsel...

Nov. 30
A good photo of buddy Shelly Johnson and me on the occasion of a my birthday gift to her.

Nov. 28
Out of the blue(s) a very good old buddy from a life almost hallucinogenic to remember ...

Jim  (Chicago) Hamilton, formally of Siegel Schwall Blues Band (of ancient times) is back in we are discussing the strange surreal possibility of getting Fred Baue out to New Mexico and revive the GAZORNANBLATT  REVUE.

Never heard of us?

Hey, had Fred Baue not gone one direction and me the other at a chrysalis moment, Jim Hamilton swears we would all have been as famous as...hmmm, well one never knows, but back in the late 60's every one who heard us said we were just like THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND, who oddly we had never heard of...

Jim had us booked in one of the biggest clubs in Chicago, and Fred and I got in a philosophical dispute and parted company, leaving poor Jim standing with his jaw hitting the ground , repeating over and over, "I don't believe it you guys! You are going to be famous! Don't go!"

And so much for the fortune cookie. 

When I croak, if there is a God with a white beard up at heaven's gate, I have three questions I want to ask.

1. What would have happened to me if I had not turned around in Buffalo, New York and gone on to NYC in 1965?

2. What would have happened to me if I had not turned around in Saint Charles, Missouri and gone on to Chicago in 1969?

3. Can I meet once again all of the dogs I have loved in my life?

I wrote back to Jim:
So I think Fred sent you his response and that is just too funny again...
Anyway, probably as you might also have experienced, it is very weird to hear someone else's point of view or what they thought happened in the past...especially at high school reunions of which I have been to three... 
 I wrote a very brief recollection of one point back yonder and it makes me curious to see if that was what really took place.

Jim answered:
I heard from FB and replied to his emails.   Listened to his music to.  I asked him to send me something of him and guitar that I could mess with on the recorder and see if I could add something. You too and shazam we got the the band together again without a drop o' gas.  I rather miss that Comet you had.  Can you record off of your computer.  If not I can hook you up with a 1 month free trial on the software if you want it.  Did you get a chance to hear that jam I sent you? 
I saw your blog.  Very nicely done.  (correction) I was not with Siegel Schwall Band.  Jim Schwall of Seigel Schwall Band brilliantly took my place as lead guitar player in the Friend and Lover (Reach Out In The Darkness) Band.  I was offered the lead player job first but was too busy with other stuff in the city.  He was/is much better than me and they got a bargain with him playing.  I left the other city gig and went with Friend and Lover as road manger on huge tour.  We opened for Todd Rundgren,  Deep Purple,  5th Dimension, Cream and more.  Was a good time till I lost my mind and met you guys in the park.  All has been fine since. 

Nov. 26

We went to the Apache Bosque Bird Reserve near Socorro.

...and then the next morning...

Nov. 14
Yeg! Photos certainly recall times...

I did this mural in about two weeks with temperatures in the high 30's. The day after it was finished a blizzard blew in and it went down to minus 5.

Every mural has a story...and this one was in Corsica, 1984. It is a detail of  a 6 X 8 foot portable panel mural and it took three months to complete.

It was supposed to go in front of a boutique named "AMERICAN GRAFITI"  but the guy who was buying it decided it was too nice to put out in the weather so he was going to put it in his own private bathroom.

I was pissed off because I figured it would bring me work if Corsicans saw it, so we got in a big argument. I refused to give it to him. He said it was his and I said no it wasn't because he still owed me one more payment. He tried to give the money then and there but I wouldn't take it unless he put it where I wanted it to be, outside in the public.

 Our argument went back and forth and turned into one of those times where it becomes a stupid contest. Finally I said to him, "Jean Claude, dammit, I am famous in Germany!" That is when he said, "Hah! Maybe so, but nobody knows who you are in Corsica!"

For all I know, I may still be famous in Germany and now that I am gone maybe famous in Corsica too. But I discovered fame doesn't really matter unless you are famous everywhere all the time...Picasso I am not.

As, I said, every mural has a story, and this one is part of a book Assassin'sAngel  It is on the 28th floor of an exclusive apartment building in downtown Chicago. Beth Shadur saved me from myself then, and I learned more than any other time the meaning of that old adage, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Her husband Bruce gave me the clue of baseballs's most famous moment "The Grand Slam" which is the stop moment portrayed in the mural...

Another story back in 1974...but I'll just say I ate in the restaurant for the next ten years and I don't think I ever paid for a meal. I wonder if they ever figured out how much that mural actually cost...also as a result of doing the mural I met just about every good friend I had in Scotland.
Nov. 13
More photos from a box found out in the studio...

Big Rory AKA Mike Rowan's visit to New Mexico.

Nov. 11
I don't live in a house, I often say, I live in a zoo, and below is proof . Yes, that is actually our bed, and most nights it looks this way. However one cat and one dog is not present...notice the abandoned sleeping joy of Franny Chihuahua.

Nov. 4

This time of year can be so fantastic and beautiful here in the Galesteo Basin, because we actually get to see colors of fall rather than the overall browns and dirty greens of the desert only a short distance from the river banks. So it turned out finding this property (rather, it found me) 20 years ago continues to be a blessing I don't know how I disserved...

Nov. 3 Thank God the political dog race is over for a short spell. Now we can go back to the weekly vices we are accustomed to, like post office slayings and pedophile priests.

A time back in Corsica...