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Sunday 31
Last year the Bosque was absolutely beautiful with a variety of gold and red, but this year for one reason or the other the cottonwood trees are as much brown as anything else.

Even so, we are very lucky to live where we do because at least there is a semblance of four seasons in color. If you go only a quarter mile away, there is only the ubiquitous dark greens of the cedar and mint greens of the sage and rabbit brush.

Wednesday 27
feel bad this morning because I forgot to put our two remaining ducks safely away in their skunk proof living quarters last night...that's right, skunks eat fully grown ducks, chickens and anything else under ten pounds that can't fly.

The stinky little black and white monsters had already "disappeared" three chickens and the big drake duck. All of that could have been avoided if I had closed them in their hut. Then at about 3 in the morning I smelled the old stink of the furry beast wafting over our bed inside the house and I knew it was too late. "Shit!" I said and just lay there thinking guilty stuff about my negligence.

So we are down to one duck, who is nearly seven years old and may die any day of old age. This has been a bad fall for foul.

I don't think we will get any more birds for a while. I don't want to do what I did the last time a skunk discovered we were better than Denny's.

Hey, a skunk has got to eat too but that little creep better not think about our 8 lb. Chihuahua, because the old barbarian will rise again...

Tuesday 26

The first frost came last night and the house was almost cold this morning...which  is a call to fix the broken windows in the front door, plug the cracks around Ruth's desk and insulate the other cold spots on the windward side.

Ah, winter...

I will be back down on the riverbanks soon scrounging the dead trees for firewood.

Another season has begun.

Monday 25
Recently I put a photo in facebook that has got a few comments from my "friend" list...it was a  prank I just could not resist doing when someone shouted from the bar porch, "All that car needs is a good looking blonde hanging over the hood!"

The guy that owned the Shelby 427 Cobra was not too pleased..

Other than that life is settling into the ritual of preparing for winter and us going to several end of the year events.

Thursday 21
Quote of the year so far from my good old army buddy Jim:

 "If you don't take control of your life, somebody else will..."...and..."...usually they will be the closest people to you!"

I could add:
...or something else will.

Wednesday 20

I get to be the "shop girl" for Ruth once in a while...that means I sit at her desk at the shop and wait for customers that want to buy something despite my inept salesmanship.

Tuesday 19
Working on the beginnings of a rocking horse...

..other than that...

I recently have had a couple of insights that surprised me in one sense and revolted me in another...

First one; it is very possible all kinds of people suffer PTSD from the kinds of war they come from and I am not referring to the traditional blood and guts slaughter that has gone on since time immortal, but the inner wars that particular sensitivities have going on in their own psyche/heads...of course I am more familiar with the artistic temperament many of my artist colleagues suffer

can vouch for this personally because I am the one that has survived my own house of horrors that have occurred in my brain, either through drugs, alcohol or just plain brain spasms that no one would want...the thing is, I am pretty sure the government will not give disability compensation for all the lunatic artists running around trying to blow up their own world...

Now the revulsion part...is that everything that happens to me is basically my business and there is no need that the world should be informed about such tribulations.

If I want, I can scribble it down in a book and stow it on my top shelf, so one day a historian or a grandchild can skim my self indulgent blubbering's and draw conclusions....but here on this page, you don't need to know how I wipe my butt, or hear how screwed up I think most of humanity is.

Okay humanity is screwed up, but maybe it will cure itself one day.

Sunday 17
Still working on the rock wall  which will become a waterfall (I hope) when it is finished...yup...

Thursday 14

I started a straw bale and adobe wall way back in 1991 and got as far as getting most of it covered in the red mud, then for one reason or the other stopped.

Nineteen years later the straw bales still exist but most of the mud got washed away, being I never stabilized it with anything.

It has been an eyesore for at least ten years, which I have grumbled a daily mantra, "One of these days I'm going to fix you!"

The day(s) have arrived and I am learning the crudest form of stacking a rock wall, which is more complicated than I thought...but so far nothing has fallen down, so with any luck, in the next week or five, (before the heavy frost and freeze comes) I hope to have that old wall of crumbling dirt covered with what looks like a well organized avalanche.

Thursday 7

Today I stay home and work on the Chihuahua door into the garden...whoopee! Such excitement!

Wednesday 6
Damn it was one of those days I should have had my camera...but not all is lost because there was a witness to what I saw!

I will tell you about that later.

But it was a vision of absolute Maxfield Parrish in hip Africa as you could ever imagine.

Tuesday 5
Oh my gosh...I really have to start taking better care of myself!

This exhibition, which so far has turned out to be a great big NOTHING is in the long run of it all, just a exercise of vanity gone astray...oh well, the point of being an artist is that one does things to be noticed, not ignored.

But still, sometimes I wonder, why?

On the good side of this BALLOON FIESTA, is Ruth's shop is doing well.

At least one of us is being PAID attention.

Or as an old buddy once said, "The best complement you can pay an artist is, BUY THEIR WORK."

So I was talking to Molly tonight, and I said to her, "Molly if you were a girl I'd make love to you." And she said, "Well that's about the only thing you haven't done to me."

And I put her down on the table and I laughed and laughed.

I said once again to her, "Molly if only you could talk, the stories you could tell."

And then there is the bathroom...where I decided to use the fancy Jacuzzi we have only done a few times...so there in the tub I saw a view of the room I had not noticed...

Sunday 3
So it happened at the Mineshaft....you had to be there...

I think there photographs to follow:
This entitled:
Frank Zappa
Poncho Villa Vs. The Aliens

Hey, the BALLOON FIESTA started today!

Yeah I know, its not a big deal anywhere else in the world.


Autumn not so gold.

It Seemed a good idea painting the windows at the end of the house but in view inside it looked stupid so I spent a good deal of time scraping off the work from the day before.





I keep getting reminders about this year's WORLD COMMUNITY ARTS DAY of which I have an idea of doing another collaborative art action, but just have not decided what...

Oct. 25
My hall of fame photos...

Photos from the night of the

Oct.7 ...and here is the set stuff for the HESHE BANG tonight at the Mineshaft...

Barbara Fail painted the Alice in Wonderland mushrooms and hookah smoking bug and I did the EAT ME, DRINK ME panels...

Most people are getting costumed up, but I have not made a choice on the matter yet. Generally I hate getting into a costume. As it goes people are surprised when they see me in clothes with no paint splatters.