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Friday 28
What has been happening in the studio this week so far...

Tuesday 25
Mine Shaft details come each day and now down to last five days...

Monday 24
...and more little details of the Mine Shaft Mural...

Wednesday 19
Some of the people in the Mine Shaft Mural...these mostly are done but probably a final touch here and there later...

...and this is how they look as I start...

Tuesday 11
The size of brushes I am using to get the details I want...I must be nuts!
The painting is 8 X8 feet...


Monday 10
So we have this dog that Ruth has begun calling CRAZY MAN  and I call GOOFY even though we originally named him ASPHALT because he would stand in the middle of the highway and no one would see him because???? guessed it, he is exactly camouflaged into the ASPHALT...anyway, Ruth is a clinically insane animal lover who is determined she will get this dog to be normal (instead of acting like a captured coyote) and he has already costs Ruth $1,000 ( or more if she gets a law suit ) because he bit a woman who Ruth invited into the yard...and blah, blah, on and on...

So he goes for walks with me and the other dogs and acts relatively "normal" until we go back into the yard, and then he is GOOFY all over again...I don't know...either I change my attitude about what a domestic dog is supposed to be or maybe I should start looking for a nice ranch where he can run free and herd cows or sheep and do what his DNA commands him to be.

Personally I don't think he will ever be normal, because he has not progressed one inch about his situation other than he apparently really likes our yard, food and company of the other dogs...

Sunday 9

Saturday 8
hat I look like at the end of each painting day...

Thursday 6

...peck, peck, peck, the mountain is chipped away...or at least it feels like that at the moment. Oddly this painting considered as a MURAL is one of the smallest ones I've done in years, but the TIME all comes down to fine detail and very very small brushes...

Tuesday 4
Every day a little chunk done on the mural...but  it has been such a long time since I have done such stylized realism that it is fairly tedious as well as making me feel no idea of what I'm in between moments of hesitation I decided to build a box on the back of my bike so not only will things stop dropping out of my old weathered leather bag, but I can put Buddy (the little Dachshund mutt ) in it and take him for a ride.

...and my little girls(s)  and hubby Geno are in Scotland by now...I am sure Xenia will be getting much attention...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her last year in the fifties....