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...the green page is the small story of how Santiago McBoil came to be...

Friday 1
I hung my BALLOON HEADS in the Mineshaft yesterday, just to see what the affect is...Sunday the other artists are to bring their work so the whole show will be set to fly by the afternoon...

Naturally I woke up at 2 or 3 AM and wondered what's wrong with me and why do I put myself in such fishbowls?

The large paintings in the photos are Shelly Johnson's and theoretically she will be replacing them with new work for the show.

I  will move my 27 paintings around if need be to make space for the other works.

Thursday 30
Everything seems to be a GO for Sunday and the STORY BOARD EXHIBITION at the MINESHAFT TAVERN...so now I wait to see who actually does what they said they will do...

One element has changed due to logistics of the restaurant and time consumption. We are going to hang all of the artworks in the morning, then give them numbers and let the audience go through the same process of putting numbers in a hat, then after the number is selected to put their TITLES in the hat, etc...and hopefully it will be either fun and entertaining.

The pieces I have produced have made  people laugh and make a comment or quip that generally has been witty and better t5han I could have titled the works...most of the performance at the Mineshaft Tavern now will depend on Gene Corbin who will MC what he can with the artists contribution.

So far, 4 artists have agreed to be there Sunday morning to hang the show.u

Tuesday 28
So far I have done 15 or 20 small paintings with the intention of being part of a group-art-performance exhibition during the ALBUQUERQUE INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FIESTA...
that is to take place right here in our weird little Galisteo Valley.

I have yet to completely confirm all the participants, but hopefully that will be today or tomorrow, being the big event begins Saturday, and our first presentation will be this Sunday.

The paintings on the right panel are all about 16 by 16 inches, and if you look, have a hot-air balloon context...

Monday 27
Sure will be glad when Ruth comes home....

Meanwhile I get myself ready for the Balloon Fiesta Story Board Art Performance piece...

Sunday 26
It has been a weekend of extremes...from the stock car race that didn't happen to an old fashioned fete with the new world and us old hippies...

Saturday 24

Last night it was open mic at the SHAFT

...and then there was the event that didn't happen...or at least did happen after the cops came and stopped them...hmmmm, no fire, or emergency vehicles anyway...I wonder why they stopped young men going around in circles on a tiny track next to the woods????

The organizers post planning...

Preparing for the next round?

Friday 23
Yes I am home and the world continues here in its odd and unique Galisteo Valley way...being that some of the population is always up to something, it is not too unusual, but this time I am surprized.

Apparently one of the local entrepreneurs has begun stock car races up in our abandoned gravel pit and that has got the villages of Cerrillos and Madrid buzzing.

It seems many young people are eager to enter what ever kind of running vehicle they have and get into the action.

So, I was approached to see if I would put one of Madrid's art gallery's logo on a car, being they are sponsoring the daredevil that wants to go around in circles on a dirt track.

The race is tomorrow beginning at 11:00 AM.

I agreed  and below is at least one side of the car, which is an old cop car from somewhere in New Mexico.

Thursday 23
For some time now I have had a little bump/cyst thing on my back. Yesterday I went to the VA hospital and it was removed. 

No pain what-so-ever, but the doc asked if I wanted to see it and naturally curiosity ruled.

I was amazed first of all how big it was ( about the diameter of a quarter) and how gruesome it looked...yuk, that was part of me?

Anyway, no real pain with such a beast, just a faint ache of where it once was. I go back in ten days to have the stitches removed.

Why I am writing about this, is while I was being cut on I suddenly remembered something that happened when I was in high school...well actually happened years before  but manifested in high school.

When  was 7 or 8 I had a very bad ear infection, that after it was over at some point, every time I tipped my head to the left or right, I could hear something in one of my ears that sounded like a box sliding down a hallway and then thumping into a wall at the end.

So...years later in high school...one day after my wrestling practice, I took a very long, very hot shower. 

I heard the familiar slidng bumping thing louder than ever and felt something in my ear recession. I reached up and pulled out a big lump of dark brown ear wax about the size of a large pinto bean.

Double yuk!

Well, aren't you glad I am back to writing meaningless personal memoirs on this blog page?

Wednesday 22

Wow! Two weeks I have been absent from this blog because I was kind of busy with this project...
...meaning I was in Las Cruces, New Mexico working with AmeriCorps volunteers again at Alma d'Arte Charter High School/Court Youth Center, teaching them how to create an 8 x 12 foot mural in five days...part seen below.

...and here is the last few minutes of the  last day.
Thursday 9
went to the dump and that is my incredible twitter for the day...hmmm I wonder why people read such crap?

Meanwhile I continue with the stuff out in my studio...

So it turns, I do new stuff and complete old stuff, which is still stuff...

Tuesday Sept. 7
We had our September birthday party and it has gone on for three days...
Ruth said this morning, "NO MORE PARTIES, OKAY?" ...and I said okay.
I wish I could show photos of how much fun it was, but that would just be  boring you even more...
So here is a picture of our neighbor kid that learned two chords I showed him, and he has been on the guitar ever since...probably the last of his good school concentration now...now he will be another rock n'roll casualty...


Hummm....well the thing is August is well and truly over and here it is another month already rolling by...

My nephew-in-law Billy has departed with his horses and dog and now the corral  looks so lonely...

My buddy Harry Topley came for a couple days and is gone...

After three months we finally have the house and grounds back to our old ways

I am try still to complete a sign I started over a month ago...a sign for my neighbor's shop...

Sunday we are supposed to have a big party for September birthday people including Ruth (the first) and me (the twentieth) and God who knows else will come for food and booze. The weather is supposed to be good.

  I will be going down to Las Cruces to do another Master Class for a school in a couple weeks...

I wait for the results from  a biopsy I had two weeks ago...

And that is this ever slowing down Blog page for the time being.

I had a very surprising visit the other day when two young artists from South Africa (Burkina Faso)
showed up at my studio.
Boubakary said to Kader as they drove by, "It looks like there is a black artist here."

I laughed when he told me that and said , "From you, I will take that as a complement."

They showed me some of their work and I saw at once we were from the same tribe of creativity...


In the meantime between visitations and finishing the BALLOON HEADS ...once again I repaired a sculpture that I now call the MOON SURFER.

The little guy suffered a bit when I forgot he was on the top of my truck and drove off down the highway...my neighbors found him on the road in several pieces.

If you look very careful at the blue-green plaque there is a full moon shining.

Back in the studio...