AmeriCorps Project 2010
master classes taught at Alma d'Arte Charter High School, Las Cruces, NM
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Photoshop stuff I have done over the years with my photography.

Guatemala in English of the projects I have never got around to doing...yet.

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If you want this project in Spanish...

Projects that have not happened...yet

 Ceramic Mural in Las Cruces

I have painted over 200 murals or somewhere that number---lost count years ago, but here are a few...

Analysis of The My  Lai Massacre, one of my final papers for the University.

Recent work and a few oldies

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World Community Arts Day 2012
this is the sixth year of me attempting to do something in the community that is a public art endeavor...

WCAD Archives 2007-2011

World Community Arts Day 2010, an international art event connecting through the internet.

Harlequin Trilogy (Book 2) + short stories plus non fiction

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List of new ideas and first few stories
September 25
Can't believe how remiss I am posting back on my own BLOG...
It seems I put everything out there on Facebook, and to tell you truth...not really sure why, except the one obvious fact, that on one but me it appears looks at this page?

Will try this again, but for some reason my web  thing is not uploading...okay it is now on the right panel I will try to put some of the photos and events that did not get published during August...

...and the below pictures from Salida too...

...oh well, something is going amiss, but not quite sure what...

...Sept. 25, nd below one of the things I m working on...part of a group exhibition featuring our interpretations of the TAROT...mine is THE TOWER.

...AND...I have kind of rapped my mouth into talking myself in doing another exhibition at the HOLLAR during the  BALLON FIESTA...and this is where it's at so far...

Hmmm...seems I must get in touch with my web server so and try to figure out what has happened to my site...for over 8 years have been with the same company which has been great until now...

50th class reunion of Bend Senior High School...which I did not go to...
But below is where we did go...Salida, Colorado, a small town I have known since I was a child...