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APRIL 2007

April 27

The job I took doing "art" for the TV industry was supposed to be only four days has now stretched into a month. It feels more like a year.

I  want my own life back, boring as it may be--always on the verge of financial collapse, it is all mine.

One of the great advantages of being poor is there are very few things to lose...keeping up with the "rat race" is not a commandment.

So it is. Maybe a day or two more being part of a huge machine designed for the taste of the American public, then I am back with satisfaction trying to be my own kind of artist, living imagination as life.

The good part of the industry work has been the bucks. I paid a couple of bills, got my motorbike repaired and collected salvage wood, which will become future art objects.

 I don't know how people go on year after year, selling their lives for the purposes of other people.

The truth of my own life is I work hard and sometimes things happen and sometimes they don't. Money is not a certainty, but time is mine and it is precious. 

I love to lay in bed with my darling Ruth and let imagination take its course into the magic of freedom.

April 12

The end of another hectic crazy week. The wind has blown like I have never seen April in New Mexico and Ruth and I painted sets for two full days and we didn't kill each other--in fact like all the the things we do together we had fun and I found out what a truly tough little cookie my gal is. We even updated a previous American Icon...

April 7

Already a week into the month and I can't remember what has happened since the last update except I have been over my head in stuff to do...trying to catch up with the maintenance of the homestead was put on the back-burner when a call came from my good friend Joe Stephenson, asking if I wanted to do a gig he could not manage.

I have been working for last ten days painting sets and just trying not to get fired, which is another condition I tend to have when I work for somebody else, especially the Hollywood crowd. The last time I worked for the movies was in 1986 and I swore I would never do it again. Amazing what poverty will get one into, but as it is this crew and company is at least a thousand times better than the last experience with Hollywood--in fact they are really a good crowd of people and to my surprise I am enjoying the work.