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New Year Eve Dec. 31, 2006

It has been three days since we have left the house, which actually has been kind of nice--nothing to do but eat, keep warm, watch TV and take a lot of pictures of the world around us.

Evening Light

Los Cerrillos

Devils Throne

Back Yard

The Porch

The West

This morning our good neighbor Joe Martinez with his big tractor dug out the driveway and unburied the car. 3 Feet of Snow.

Maybe tonight we will celebrate New Year with all of our buddies at the local pub.

December 30, 2006

Today is a special day in two ways.

Today is my little girl's birthday, although Ruth reminds me my little girl is no longer little. She is 29 but as many people before have said, "it seems only like yesterday..." etc.

It is a fact, time flows like a river, and that river has gone to the sea.

 Rowan will be leaving soon on a journey that scares me more than it does her. She and her man "Geno" are going on a marathon three month journey to South America. Their itinerary begins in Peru, then on to Bolivia, Chili, Patagonia and Argentina. They have hi-tech back-packs and plan on walking a good deal.

I told Rowan if they only did a quarter of their plan, it still would be a monumental adventure. She is a blessed human and I pray God continues to smile on her and Geno.

To celebrate her day, I add a few of my favorite pictures of her.

six months














twenty-eight with Geno

The second thing is the biggest snowfall I have ever seen in Cerrillos, which means I have to postpone the date with my daughter to go ice skating.

December 25, 2006

This week I worked like crazy to finish the 4-post bed for my wonderful Ruth... it got done and in between I ran down to the Rail Road  crossing in Cerrillos hoping to see my daughter and her mother as they passed through on AMTRAK.

At the crossing early.

Here it comes.

Wow, where are they?

Oh well, there they go.

Back at the house.

The bed's view.

And nearly done.

As for Christmas Day, it has been peaceful and good. I wish the same for you and lets hope together the New Year is even better.

December 22, 2006

World Community Arts Day (see COMMUNITY ARTS TAB)  scheduled for February 17, 2007.

Repairing the Horse Sculptures

December 20, 2006

As for the continuation of the "ADVENTURES OF EL GATO", it must wait until after Christmas and the making of the 4-post bed.

Even that gets hung up when winter blizzards blow--that is when I switch to repairing broken horse sculptures in the warmth of the house.

December 16

 I am resting from working in the collaborative format as a "Community Artist" and putting my energy and imagination to creating a monster 4-posted bed for lovely Ruth and myself. It will be our Christmas gift to each other.

The problem is how to get it into the bedroom.

The Bed Begins

Using planks from the old Madrid boardwalk a frame is assembled.

Fitting in the Organic

Using limbs from russian olive trees the frame changes.

Not How to use a Table Saw

This is more than dangerous but it is a heck of a way to skin the bark.

Shaping the Decoration

The blade not only peels the bark but also adds a sculptural element to the wood.

Putting the Puzzle Together

It becomes creative carpentry to find how the pieces fit on the bed.

The Bed takes Shape

Still not complete or in its final form but getting close to a solution.


As winter/Xmas approaches

Ken by Ruth

I asked Ruth how could she love such an old goat and she said she adored my horns.

Ruth by Ken

I had some time in the sun room and it seemed a good idea to paint and just like that a double Ruth.

I see the Light.

The laughing fat guy in the kitchen finally noticed illumination was his for the asking.

The Front Gate from the Back

Last weekend, we did the Yard Sale thing again, being as always money may be useful.

Yard Sale Swamped by Hoards

Neighbors who may be legal or maybe not found Ruth was selling but with a smile she gives.

Flat Tire Protects the Hat Department

You can't find hats like this everywhere and no way was Flat Tire letting them go for free.


Life is very good these days and surely I pray it remains the same. I can only wish everybody was as fortunate, but know my own good fortune is only a temporary blessing.

No thing is always.

I am not looking over my shoulder no matter what kind of snarling gravel crunching invisible beast may be only inches behind me.

If I don't look, it ain't there.

What is here is winter, tumble weeds blowing round worlds across my day.

What is here are two dogs that can sleep and be peaceful in the bitter cold and tepid sun.

What is here is a wonderful woman who many years ago bought entire junk shops just for fun and now is dispersing the merchandise to other people who desire beautiful bobbles and joyful junk.

What is here actually ain't here too, because the art things I make then sell  are one of a kind, never to be born in that form again.

What is here is knowing how to say hello and goodbye.

Tumbleweed Winter

Front Gate

Flat Tire pretending to be flat

Shilo not pretending

A Yard Sale Saturday

Ruth Checks Inventory

Flat Tire Guards Art

Art on a Fence

Horse on a Stick

Horse going other direction