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The winter has been many things but most completely for the first time in the last twenty years I have been in New Mexico, it has been WINTER, as in Minnesota or North Dakota.

That may be slight exaggeration, but when one has grown accustomed to the gentle southwest climate, it is utter betrayal to experience COLD and SNOW that does not go away.

In the last ten days, snow has melted originally dumped on our lovely garden the 27th of December. For the first time since the beginning of December, the duck pond was not covered in ICE this morning.

Halleluiah. Long may WINTER sleep. The good thing about this is the land was given a very long sip of moisture, and so the spring and early summer should be exploding with every flower and WEED known.

Aside from that, I am slowly working my way back to the refrigerator studio, or manicuring the twisted and broken tree remnants in my garden shredded by tons of snow. It looks like the wounded forests of WWI

In the mornings this blog or some other diversion captures me in cyber space.  Most of February I was involved in the WORLD COMMUNITY ARTS DAY celebration. What I could see from the network set up on the web, it appeared to be quite successful. I was happy to be part of it.

Also in the last month I came across a more news-oriented blog site worth taking a look at. It is www.Spot-On.com . The writings are more magazine style than newspaper. Take a peek and make your own judgment.

 Because of this particular site, it reminded me, I graduated in journalism from the University of Arizona  in 2004. That in turn gave me a faint desire to go back to the part of journalism I did love, which was writing features, profiles and  the research that required.

At this point, I am tempted to find some niche of writing for public consumption, more to do with broad subjects, rather than my completely fascinating life, but I am not sure why.

But to go back to the subject of winter, if I look out my office winter it appears to be over--at least for today. So without further procrastination (which is another diagonal blessing of miserable weather) I shall go out into the garden and try to repair the disaster of my immediate world.

I can not change or even influence the world with actions or words, but I can rake my garden path. I wish someone could get that message through to our esteemed leaders.

Feb, 25--- The Night of Oscar

As I warned...just a few little clicks of scattered moments at the party.

Chicken vs. Cats 1

Cats vs.Chickens

The Banquet

Still Life


Ken Plays

And Plays

And on...Yon

Up Your Kilt

The Oscar

More Oscar

Ruth And Al


The Drink

She's Happier Now



February 25---Tonight is the Academy Awards and so part of it will be Ruth and I throwing a Dress-Up Party, drink a little champagne, eat pizza and have a prize list for our guests who pick the winners. All of this is just an excuse to have fun in the dead of winter.  Perhaps tomorrow I will post the stars of our little award ceremony if they are not camera wary of paparazzi.

In between today and the last posting I have been doing three  projects.

1. I went back to being a "substitute" teacher which means I take attendance, keep them from burning the buildings down and earn an extraordinary $69 a day after taxes. It is better than a stick in the eye.

2. If the class is under control, little does the school district realize they are subsidizing my career as a writer, which has allowed me to edit a couple more thousand words of ASSASSIN'S ANGEL.   I am almost getting excited about the second book in the Harlequin Trilogy because I am at last down to the last chapter which will reveal the tragedy of Santiago as well as spring board him into the final book THE CRYSTAL TIGHT ROPE.  Also it is rather scary because as in most books, concluding a story cleverly is the most challenging part.

3. And just to keep my finger on the trigger of being some kind of visual artist, I painted four more CATS IN COWBOY HATS commercial portraits. To my amazement, I have sold all but one of the last group. Perhaps this is to be my ironic point of life, doing silly art that people take serious. Judge for yourself.

Marshalcat 1

Snowball 1

Tuffy 1

Turnup 1

February 16---Yesterday morning I got a telephone message from old Scottish friend, Barry Graham who was passing through Santa Fe. I returned his call but no answer, even after several times...maybe it is the way of a Zen Monk and he just wandered on into the journey.

You can see more about him on his web site. http://barrygraham.livejournal.com

Last night at the Mine Shaft (or click  Community Arts )

A seven minute drawing

The Last touch

Finished Piece

February 15---Time is dissolving., or the phrase, "...  the faster I go, the slower I get..." something like that. but anyway two weeks have slipped by and I have not got to this update business. So hopefully the following pictures and a few words for the moment, until I get back to my leisurely existence...









No. 9

No. 10





No.1 My oldest sister Ruby is 86 and lives in Tucson. Ruth and I stayed with her for 4 days while we went to the Tucson Gem Show. She treated us like royalty.

No.2 Piles of beads, stones,  gems, fossils and jewelry are scattered over 44 different sites around the city and thousands of vender stalls selling the most incredible bobbles you can imagine.

No. 3 Ruth managed to only get to two sites but even so spent all the money she doesn't have.

No. 4 Here she bought 4 or 5 pieces at a bargain price.

No. 5 Ruth viewing the look of a necklace.

No. 6 I found what looked like a Belly Dance specialty stall.

No. 7 Ruth still on the hunt.

No. 8 Finally we got to the fossil art tent and that where we stayed.

No. 9 Back in Madrid Ruth refashioned her gallery.

No.10 Ruth included a few of Chrissie Orr's paintings with the 350 million year old fossil art.

No.11 A couple of my African period sculptures also are there.

No.12 On Feb. 13 I did a test run Chalk drawing at the Mine Shaft Tavern to see how the pastels looked under their stage lights.

No. 13 The drawing is an advertisement for WORLD COMMUNITY ARTS DAY which will be on Feb, 17, 2007.

No.14 ON Feb 17 I will be doing two things. (1) upload a small MPEG video of the Chalk Drawing performance done on Feb 15, and (2) in the afternoon mix cement to be poured in the grid framing, so people can add their names and decoration for our version of THE WALK OF FAME as in Hollywood.