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January 31, 2007

The last day of this snowy month, however not the last of the snow--over a foot of it still is on the ground from a month ago. The forecast is more snow this afternoon.

I amuse myself on such winter days by messing around with art projects in the sun-porch--that is, if Snowball the baby cat and Marilyn the chicken  don't get up to hide and seek.  It is just too funny to ignore, especially when Turnup the other kitten and Mishka the miniature  black panther get into the game.

I am slowly becoming a weird person...you know one of those warped people who start talking about their cats like they are little furry people.  I know only chickens are that cute.

Forgive the absolutely schmaltzy titles but you can make up your own story.

Snowball Meets Marilyn

Turnup and Snowball

Marilyn on a Walk

Wow What is That?

Which End is its Head?

There's a Cat Somewhere?

Better Believe It.

Turnup in the Jungle Room

I Saw Something?

Where Is It?

Look around pal.

Don't Worry

Stick with Me

Two Heads Better Than One

You and Me Pal



January 27, 2007

More horse photos show details of leg repair and the building of the new pedestals.

These days I seem to do less and less in regard to producing new art.  I can't say I am too bothered by it, but old habits of years of always making OBJECTS are hard to stop. It seems more important just to hang out and enjoy the world of friends and love around me.

Ruth and Me

Linn Self

Armando Espinoza

January 25, 2007

For the last few days I have been working on my "horses" which have been "broken" so many times it would take a genuine "buckaroo" to be able to ride them now...anyway they are are on their last legs of ever being in public because I have finally got tired of putting them back together...below are the three broncos  scattered around the house.

Wild Mare 1

Wild Mare 2

Wild Mare 3

Wild Mare 4

Wild Mare 5

Wild Mare 6

Stallion 1

Stallion 2

Stallion 3

Stud 1

Stud 2

Stud 3

In my experience as an artist, I constantly discover that without  the patina of time, my work is only adequate, but once the hazards of wind, bonk and splat  have added their weightful  blemish, the work finally becomes art.

January 20, 2007

So far the blizzard has been a dud, dropping only an inch of snow, but the TV guys keep saying a monster is on its way.  I think of my daughter down in the summer-side of South America and wish I was there too.

In the mean time I have gone back to finishing the repair work on three horses I originally made several years ago. They have had so many accidents that each horse has had  every leg broken at least once which makes them the "Evil Knivels" of the equestrian world.

Three horses I kept out of the original seven. They measure 2 feet high by 3 feet long and are made from cottonwood, plus plenty wood-filler, screws, glue and you name it.

January 19, 2007

 A big blizzard is supposed to blow in within the next 24 hours. In the 20 years I have lived in New Mexico, this is the first time snow has been on the ground for longer than a week. It has been 4 weeks now and it looks like with this new storm, white stuff will be on the ground for weeks to come.

Scenes of Winter

The Snow Coming

For those of you that live in snow country, this is no big deal. The wonderful thing about New Mexico, even with the snow, there has only been two or three days the sun  did not shine in  the last month.

January 14, 2007

This week has added new members to the household--a couple of little kittens born on Thanksgiving day...so for you cat lovers go OOOOOO now.

Ruth and Babies

She can't resist taking in little creatures

The Babes

Snowball and Turnup only 6 weeks old

Turnup in The Press

Turnup is the girl and most curious

Turnup Meets Shilo

Shilo has just accepted things are going to change.

Snowball Meets the Chicken

Marilyn is my Banty Girlfriend who comes in to see how the house works.

Hawk Nearby

The hawk discovered easy meals gathered around the bird feeders in back yard.

Jan. 1 to 4, 2007 has been a very snowy but beautiful beginning.

What has been fun was New Year Eve and then meeting with Rowan to celebrate her birthday. The full moon is awesome too, but as usual I have that loony feeling that comes with the draw of its gravity.

Captured under the infamous sign.

Sara Kay in the light.

Dad and daughter celebrate.

Full Moon Rising

New Mexico winter moon.

For those of you who may have a good deal of time to waste, there is always my WRITING page.

I have included ASSASSIN'S ANGEL "R" rated stuff for the mature reader.

Community Arts update this week features the "DRAGON'" of Pilton.