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JULY 2007

July 26

This will be the last update for about three weeks. Ruth and I are traveling to the east coast and her old stomping grounds. She has a house on a little lake that needs TLC so that will occupy most of our time. There will be photos from this event which I will post later.

As for the last week, a couple of new things have transpired.

The first being a visit to the graveyard of Madrid, New Mexico. Ruth was amazed I had never seen it. Once there I understood her enthusiasm. It is the most unique kind of cemetery I have ever seen aside from Muslim yards I saw in Turkey and Iran. 

Below are just a few of the eclectic monuments of a souls passing.

The second part of my peculiar view of events has been the odd things I produced in the studio. I am not sure what any of it means accept my obsessive compulsive nature does not feel justified unless I create a lot of objects. At one point I claimed this was my passion, but now it seems only a reflex habit that keeps me off the streets.

Judge for yourself.

Cemetary Hill

July 18

I skipped a few of the drawings I posted yesterday, so here they are:

These drawing no doubt reflect the very lonely and horny state of my mind in 1999. But in defense of my tattered persona, one should not put much emphasis on what comes out of the end of a pen.  Imagine what people would say about you if all your thoughts were transcribed to paper for the world to see...

July 17

Recently I came across an old hand written journal (as that was the manner of my daily documentation/meditation/self healing therapy for most of my life) and I discovered some odd little drawings I created--mostly to hide the weird page additions of an AOL designed diary. Just for a change of the self promotion that usually adorns this blog, below are the drawings piled onto a few pages.

July 15

Half way through the summer and I still don't know what I am supposed to be in this life. That seems always to be a preoccupation in summer, but seldom in the winter. Perhaps because winter is a time one must think about survival the mind becomes more grounded. The ease of warm summer weather allows the brain to contemplate the swirl of the belly button.

As said, once again  I have found no answer, accept to continue to be in my 62nd  summer. Another thing to do is enjoy being and go out with friends to good restaurants and happy dance clubs.

Coyote Cafe

Santa Fe Night

July 12

Today I went to the Albuquerque Veterans Hospital for the regular six month analysis of my blood count...it is the ongoing monitoring of pesky little prostate cancer cells which popped up for a while a few years ago and then apparently disappeared. It is a long story but basically I am okay. I live on despite my radical life dance.

After the conference with my doctor I went to the Barrelas Cafe on south 4th street. They serve the best green chili and beans in New Mexico. Green chili is what makes New Mexico different from every other state in the union. Arizona or Texas don't even get close with their version of southwest cuisine. That is a fact that every New Mexican is proud about and come to think of it, I guess after 20 years I must finally be a New Mexican. The truth is even when I was a kid in Colorado, I dreamt of being in the land of enchantment. With a title like that who would not want to come here?

In two days it will be Ruth and my 1st anniversary. Wow! In so many ways it is incredible. One is that we have not had one serious disagreement or argument.  Maybe once or twice one of us got our feathers ruffled over things that had no importance.

Of course no one and no day is perfect, but considering how crazy I can be on occasion it is amazing Ruth has no problem with me. I am a lucky man. Ruth is the best natured, biggest hearted and most generous woman I can ever imagine. She is an absolute honey.

Last weekend we went to a party in Madrid where we got together with our fellow inmates. Everyone in Madrid secretly believes it is really the village of the KING OF HEARTS.

Below are a few snaps of stuff in July, and as usual, wooden horses from the studio.

Ruth and Jet

Sisters of sort

The band




Chin Scratch'n

The Guests


The Royalty

The King

The Count

The Kingdom

Another horse

Horse again