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March 27

Today we had a day off from being ourselves and decided to shoot guns...

White Hunters

The Game

Good Posers

March 16

I have been working in my "bone yard" for the last couple of days, trying to resurrect a few old sculptures that succumbed to the winter snows and wind.

What once was some kind of prehistoric horse now is a futuristic bull elk.

Once I have a few of the beasts revived I will take them up to Madrid and place them in a small sculpture court yard of CAHOOTS gallery. 

Below is the work thus far:

Elk 1

Elk Hunt

Elk Free

March 12

There are times in my existence where I feel like I am in a hole and nothing will change...usually it has to do with my sense of accomplishment, self esteem, success etc. etc...

This last week has been me trying to get out of that hole, but this time it was a real hole about 4 feet deep. The result of a cold winter and underground pipes bursting.

 I know this is the kind of information one can hardly live without.

In between digging holes, repairing pipes and such fantastic endeavors, I designed the worlds first sausage horse. A hoard of tourists will flock to see it in person.

In a week or so, we will begin to open up the studio again and try to sell the stock of antiques and weird old art clogging the space. 

Watch for the YARD SALE  sign out on 3115 Highway 14 North coming soon.

Hole in my Yard

Underground Art

More Holes

Wolverton's Sausage Horse

Horse in The Sky

New Front Gate

March 7

Well...here goes a new chapter.  Ruth believes in me completely and that is good. She owns a gallery. That is good too. She wants me to be a success. That is also good. So our union of kindred spirits seems to work.

And then Ruth had this idea that if I painted cats in cowboy hats they would sell like the proverbial pancakes. In fact she has been right. I have sold all of the previous paintings of CATS IN HATS and now I have had to paint more to keep up with the demand.

Let me say this. It is not high art. In fact I am not sure it is anything but cute-si-whoopsi and turn the wheel around. It is not even very much money, but then it is not bad money. It takes an hour or so to do the painting and they sell for $115 with negotiations considered.

Below is the new IN CAHOOTS GALLERY.      I know, it looks like a garage.  But hey, everyone gets started somewhere, even though I am 62 years old and have been doing this for over 40 years, maybe at last I have found the product like Picasso found ugly women in cubes.

Who knows? But here is the gallery.

The Gallery

 Now here are the last few cats in hats. Okay, they are what they are.

March 5

Ruth and I went  to the movies . We saw WILD HOGS starring John Travolta, Tim Allen, William Macey and Martin Lawrence with the leading bad guy being the one in  Hannibal that got his brains eaten.

I am writing about this because the movie was filmed in Madrid. It was funny and good entertainment, but  there was little seen of the village. I don't know why they didn't film the movie in a big set. Walt Disney would have had far less problems.

The executives of the movie said they would never ever ever return to Madrid. This was because they had to bribe practically every man woman and child in town to get cooperation. That was not good enough. Some locals threw garbage at the stars.

We went with a large party of 20 Madrid friends. Most were there to see if they were in the movie. Several found their faces here and there. We all stayed to watch the credits, which thanked the state of New Mexico but did not even mention the town of Madrid.

 That seemed to verify the towns ungrateful manners.


But that is Hollywood. They expect everyone to kiss their royal goodies.

You know, Hollywood can kiss mine.

This has been a big week of experience for me. The biggest was getting to see the MOODY BLUES much closer than I saw them at the Columbia River Gorge in 2000 where they were not even as big as this  I on stage.

Here they were last Tuesday in ABQ.

March 3

The story of March is that it can be windy. In New Mexico that is an understatement. For the last three days wind has ripped the world around us and the psyche within.

The old cliché is, it sucks, it doesn't blow.

Today all is back to a normal mild clear blue beautiful southwest morning. I could not live in many other spots on the earth.

In regard to happenstance, I am indeed fortunate.

Imagine living in Baghdad.

 I was a substitute teacher in elementary schools for three days last week. I replaced the traveling art teacher who was on leave.  Below are some of the results of the chalk pastel drawing sessions  done with kindergarten through 6th grades.

I  get them to start a drawing with me, doing one shape at a time, making it a game, then I allow the children to color their drawings using all colors except black.  Once the drawing is completely colored I let them use black to retrace the original image they created.

Kindergarten class

Details of 6

Kinder clown 1

Kinder clown 2

Kinder clown 3

5th Grade Class

Cowboy 1

Cowboy 2

Cowboy 3

Cowboy 4

3rd Grade Dragon 1

Dragon 2

Dragon 3

Dragon 4

Dragon 5

Dragon 6

Cats In Hats 6th grade

6th Grade 1

6th Grade 2

Cat 1

Cat 2

Cat 3

Cat 4

Cat 5

Cat 6

Cat 7

Cat 8

Cat 9

Cat 10

Cat 11

4th grade Cars

Car 1

Car 2

Car 3

Car 4

Car 5

Car 6

Art Room

Example Board

Detail Example