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July 30

The studio stuff is underway, meaning I go out there for a few hours a day and try to put lumps of wood together and call it ART.

Baby Elk

So here is a re-addition of an old piece...

Ojo CalienteEspanola restaurant

Besides that, Ruth and I have had a busy few days, hub-bubbing at parties and lounging the hours away (one day) at Ojo Caliente...

Party 4Party3Party 2Party 1

The party people...

July 28

For some reason I woke up at 1:11 AM and could not go back to sleep until 5 something. So while I was just laying around I reviewed my life...the conclusion that most of IT is behind me.

There were a few reflections of time past I would love to live over again but for the most part the bulk of those times I am glad IT IS DONE.

That was the first hour or two.

I tried counting numbers, listening to very distant sounds and scratching most tingling sensations to while the morning into another day.

Naturally once I succeeded in getting sleepy again, the dogs decided to bark at the entire observable universe or anything else dog brains could smell.

So I went back to reviewing the parts of my life that seemed worth living again just to see if I could find a night or two where I could sleep the good sleep.

This is the crunch. I realized I have been an insomniac since I was 28 or 30, but back then I used to think about what was in front of me, and that always made me sleepy...

Well, today is here and Ruth and I are going to goof off and go to a desert spa where we may fall asleep as the world passes by.

Life is like that.

For two nights we sit on the porch and fall asleep to New Mexico rain, which reminds me of a song...(hint NMRAIN)...

July 26

The summer has been hotter and wetter than it has been for several years. Naturally the earth is greener than usual, but a big surprise is so far there have been few mosquitoes although lots of NO-SEE-UMS.

 There have been a few summers here that one would think they were in the tropics because of the black swarms of nasty mosquitoes.

 You know I should not even say such things. Now I am afraid to go outside, knowing the biting little buggers are waiting.

Ruth and I are amazed time is evaporating right under our noses. I don't know why winter always seems to last forever and summer barely starts and it is over.

Well...there is still a good three months of beautiful New Mexico weather, and winter is not as bad as the north.

I am trying to get in work habit out in the studio, whacking out stuff that sells occasionally, but to tell the truth, I would rather be on vacation somewhere where there was no studio.

How ironic when I think of all the years I wished I had a big studio full of material and tools that I have now.

A few pictures from the last couple days...Ruth's mother had a birthday, we went to a party, and a big cloud that was more fabulous than the photo...

party 2clouds


July 24

Back in the sculpture department I returned to a torso I started last winter thinking maybe it could become something...and before that I loosened up my hand by making some sort of apocalyptic flying horse...

Hmmm...I look at this stuff and wonder what on earth was I thinking about, yet know most of the answer is it was the wood that made me do it.  Perhaps it is Devil wood.

Horse thing 1She thing 8

Apocalypse Horse

Horse Thing 2She Thing 3

Apocalypse Monkey and Girlfriend

She Thing 4She Thing 5

Girlfriend Standing

She Thing 6She Thing 7

Girlfriend Laid

July 23

I worked for Ruth in her shop the other day. As usual I took a bag of drawing material, so I could scribble at something while I sat there all day. I am not very good at being a shop girl.

The problem was that day, I could not think of anything I wanted to draw. I was tired of doing cowboys and Indians, cats in cowboy hats  and a few other clichéd notions.

I decided to go back to my FREEFORM kind of stuff, and have some fun with ideas...

 Scribble 1Scribble 2Scribble 3scribble 4scribble 5scribble 6scribble 7scribble 7

July 22

Party Party StudioPartyStudioPartyParty


Still it is an experiment, meaning me trying to learn a new program about a subject that is infinite, in this case meaning cyber space web link hyper talk.

I am reminded of a an acquaintance that once told me her boss answered her question of why did you fire me and he said, "It is because my dear, you are an errant data point on the gentle curve of life."

She told me she didn't  get it even though I laughed uncontrollably.

Okay, I am on a very slow learning curve in regards to Expression Web 2.

For instance, the in the hell do I place them and also get them in order?

Anyway, I am now working in my summer studio, meaning I am in the shade next to my tool room and on to some new wood pieces. And the shots of driving into the wilderness was a party out at the end of Mailbox Road. The sunset and cloudburst was fantastic.

And the window picture shows that I rearranged my junk pile.

PartyPartyStudioPartyPartyParty StudioStudio

July 21

Oh boy, I am beginning to know why so many people choose to use My Space, Facebook, Flicka and other sites that allow you to paste a few pictures and post a comment or so...

I was perfectly happy with my old program FrontPage which allowed people like myself who do not know the first thing about WEB design and hyper language to create simply by cut and paste technique.

So it turns out Microsoft gets rid of FrontPage and updates it to Expression Web 2 in which one needs to be some kind of computer geek genius to even do a basic thing, like paste a picture and slap a comment on...

I have already dropped out of Dreamweaver because I kept saying, "What?" Now it looks like the program Expression Web 2 thing I just bought will sit on the shelf unless I can find someone who knows these THINGS.

Okay...brave new world...lets see if this publishes


July 15

Today I will attempt to start clearing the view from our pool room windows…at the moment, there is an accumulation of 20 years worth of assorted precious junk that I have used periodically for artworks…unfortunately, before it becomes art it still looks like junk…and Ruth  keeps reminding me of that fundamental observation.

  junkmorejunk out   

July 14

Okay after a couple of weeks of being out of BLOGVILLE  because of a policy by my web server to cancel all FrontPage web programs, I am  at the moment using a free program called KompoZer. It is very basic, but free...

Not that I have ever used all the facilities one can do on a web site... my skills are minimal. 

All I wanted to do was say and show a few details of life with Ruth and me in the prettiest part of New  Mexico.

Anyway, the biggest part of constructing our new POOL ROOM are over and we had our first party to celebrate. below are a few photos seen as they are...that is they do not click to another page where they are larger.

drawing table  Drawing tableParty on etchings

One advantage of the pool table is it can easily be converted to a work space.  And then there is the party aspect...

 Van Gogh alive Another pool partyHen partyDinner Party

July 9

Well...once again here with nothing to say important or meaningful to the rest of the world, but maybe something will occur that will surprise myself....

Hmmm...Well that was yesterday's deep insight into nothing and other than another day has gone by, all is the same as usual.

Sometimes one must count your blessings even when you can't think of what they are.

In another thought, one may be very grateful you were not Michael Jackson. His death circus continues like some kind of parade designed by  Salvador Dali.

In three days we have our little pool party.  So it goes.

July 7  

it seems to me... is and women are nuts...and the planet may be going to hell but doesn't seem to notice...and of course, God doesn't really give a big Flying F---- what may happen to us.

Now on the positive side of all that, the pool room is nearly done and it is a beautiful day.

July 6

Sorry about being so late posting the


Hmmmm...maybe not so famous...


And of course back to the fabulously interesting life of Ruth and me...

1. Many uses for the pool table. 2. The mud room. 3.The new bushes. 4.The outdoor work table. 5. The back yard.

July 4

On the morning of July 1, Jezebelle, one of our cats did not show up. She had escaped out the kitchen door the night before as she often does, but this time it looked like something bad had happened. The night before coyotes were very close to the house.

Jezebelle did not appear the next day, and so it seemed certain she was gone, as her brother Snowball had disappeared the year before... and Mishka and Sweet Pea the year before that. There also are large "hooty" owls that regularly take cats. It is a dangerous neighborhood for cats, so we try our best to keep them in at night.

Anyway, two days later Jezebelle appeared, but she was wounded severely. Ruth took her off to the emergency vet at 7 in the evening and did not get home until 1 in the morning. Jezebelle is just alive and may not survive. Ruth says she has to have surgery Monday morning if she is still in the world.

The weird part is the vets said it looked as though the wound had just had happened and also it appeared more like she was hit by a car rather than attacked by a predator...I don't know how that could be, as Jezebelle never went out near the highway...

Now we wait and see.

And to the other parts of our life, we continue with the POOL ROOM SAGA.


1. Shiloh has found the air conditioner's cool zone. 2-5. The last view of old floor. 6. Gluing on section. 7. The floor


Hey, the time it still roars by...July already and Ruth and my third anniversary is coming...


1.    Glen at home. 2. Dinner with friends. 3. Glen serves. 4. Husband looks in. 5. A desert rainbow.